Romain Guy confirmed that the team is working on robots to Andy Rubin

Rom Romain Guy confirmed that the team is working on robots Andy Rubin

In recent weeks several have appeared news related to the team for making robots that is creating Andy Rubin, the founder of Android. The last one I had was the acquisition by Google of the popular Boston Dynamics for inclusion on this computer.

Now enter the draft Andy one of the engineers Romain Guy Android as is, you can also known for having developed the Widget application DashClock apart from his work in the operating system of Google .

What at first may seem like a “moonshot” (long-term project over 10 years), Google seems to be dedicating an important lot of human and financial resources to this new robotics initiative.

Just three months Romain Guy, one of the big names that make up the development team of software engineering Android, ago announced he was leaving to take another position Android in Google. Just confirmed that has been integrated into the new Google robotics team.

Guy has announced this movement from a comment in the Android section of Reddit, where it is a regular and enthusiastic participant . We are facing the second major Android employee who has moved to this new draft Rubin.

The news that Google bought days ago Boston Dynamics, the firm responsible for creating the popular robots BigDog and Cheetah, has resonated in many places , due to the importance of the two companies in different fields and how their union can result in something that can impact a lot in our daily lives in the near future.

What I do not really know yet is where the team will focus Rubin, although the same time mentioned that will focus on the market industrial and logistics. Romain Guy has not said anything in particular their role in the business, but due to the high need for software to be used in a robot, can provide the reason for his appearance in Google robotics team.

we expect Andy Rubin’s team will increase in number, as it appears that Google is very keen to get great benefits in this field of robotics, which appears to have an great future

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Romain Guy confirmed that the team is working on robots to Andy Rubin
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