ROME: Total War comes to Android in an official manner

ROME: Total War comes to Android as an official

The last seven in November, Feral Interactive, developer of ROME: Total War, announced that its strategy title would come to Android after two years of exclusive iOS. It seems that the company has not wanted to leave end of 2018 without launch it and, finally, the game has been released officially in Google Play.

As we said at the time, this is a port of the title’s original PC and is not exactly lightweight. The game has 19 playable factions, among which include Egypt, Gaul, Britannia, the polis Greek, Macedonia and Hispania. You will only have to choose the one you like and lead her to conquer the world, which will be essential to be a good strategist (and have a mobile powerful, all is said).

Conquer the world, requires a mobile powerful

In the tab of the game we can see that ROME: Total War is compatible only with a handful of devices, most of them high range of the past three years. The minimum requirements to be able to play it are as follows:

  • Have Android 7 Nougat or higher.
  • 3 GB or more of RAM memory.
  • Processor Snapdragon 810 or higher, Kirin 950 or higher, Exynos 8890 or higher and MediaTek Helium P20 or higher.

This agrees with the words of the Director General of the company, which already said in his time that they had “taken everything that we’ve learned from the success of the game in mobile and what we have used to create the best possible experience on a range of Android devices”. They also said that the game was going to unfold in North America, Europe, Australia and some asian countries and that detallarían later the specific countries. Not been well, but we can confirm that in Spain is available.

Finally, it is worth noting that ROME: Total War is not a free game. In fact, the title on Android keeps the price of the version for iOS, that is to say, 10,99 eur. Yes, it is a single payment. Doesn’t have microtransactions or anything like that.

ROME: Total War

ROME: Total War1.10RC12-android

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ROME: Total War comes to Android in an official manner
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December 19, 2018

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