Roomer, another nightmare for hotels

  • Roomer, an Israeli platform, looking to resell all those hotel stays that can not be canceled by its original guests.
  • As expected, the hotels do not like.

There is no worse nightmare than planning a trip and having to cancel at the last minute. Unable to go on vacation is a drama, but it’s almost worse not to have our reserve money back. If entrepreneurs around the world have taken from the manga platforms to sell up the weirdest object imaginable, such as Wallapop , train tickets or movie tickets we can not enjoy StubHub or offer cheaper private homes with Airbnb accommodation it was not rare imagine that we would soon see a startup able to manage those reserves that can not enjoy hotel. Roomer looking just that.

With Roomer, the initial purchaser can rid of your reservation and take some of the money you paid on a home your business already comes from afar, from January 2013 specifically, but its activity is now when more attention. With much of the world, hotels mainly fighting for Airbnb do not remove them more prominence expected that sooner or later Roomer come out to the fore.

Operation It is very simple. Someone who can not make use of your hotel reservation, nor can recover their money, offers the same stay in the web platform paying only 15% of the same as fees for intermediary, the buyer simply looking stays that interests them and “buy”. With offers of “trips second hand” that can reach 74% of the initial price, falling as it approaches the initial date of booking, the only requirement is to meet the days for which was made purchase. Being a less quebradero head for selling the stay, also it has the advantage that Roomer takes over talk to modify the names of the reservation with hotels in question. All amenities. A pity that this can not be used for airline tickets.

Originating in Israel and two financing rounds behind totaling nearly 7 million, the aim of this company was to become the eBay of travel. And suddenly they’re getting. They started in New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas and now are already all major capitals in the world.

Why does not like Roomer hotels?

the founders of the company, Adi Zellner, Ben Froumine and Gon Ben-David, have always maintained the idea that your company is the best choice for both customers and hotels. Because as they say on their website cancellations of hotel rooms damage the entire chain value of the travel industry. Less restaurant reservations, leisure or transportation

But , hotels really are interested in reselling your reservations? To Roomer the answer is not short term, but ultimately could see benefit. However, if this were so, the inability to cancel our stays and not receive the amount would not exist


ancient tradition of the hotels in stay in their stronghold . What they see is that if cancellation takes some money and they can reuse this room for other guests plus additional that, in the absence Roomer, occupy another room. They earn double-entry .

For the time being continue to see hotels denials to these platforms. While these continue eating away the land to the resorts .


Roomer, another nightmare for hotels
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