Ruby Rose, the actress who recovered the spirit of Freddie Mercury

Ruby Rose, the actress who recovered the spirit of Freddie Mercury

Known for her role as Stella Carlin Orange Is the New Black Ruby Rose is the actress who has recovered the spirit championed by Freddie Mercury in the eighties.

When John Deacon, bassist Queen , wrote the Letter of I want to break free for her album The Works 1984, critics and fans of the band were greeted with enthusiasm. The song is remembered today by the original music video in which the group members were dressed as women, imitating the British series Coronation Street .

own Freddie Mercury was caricatured as Bet Lynch, the housewife Coronation Street that seeks to change his life and break stereotypes. But the video created a huge controversy in the United States, where he even be banned by MTV, to be considered an “open declaration” in favor of transvestism and a free sexuality.

Although the video I want to break free was actually thought of Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, in order to parody the British series, the truth is that the very life of Freddie Mercury can be defined under the spirit free “break stereotypes”. A spirit that now recovers Ruby Rose , the actress who plays Stella Carlin Orange Is the New Black .

The freedom to be who you are

In the third season of Orange Is the New Black , the Stella own Carlin maintains an interesting dialogue with Piper Chapman. The character played by Ruby Rose answered the young man “is considered a woman, but only because their options are limited.” The phrase, there’s probably not enough attention within the script of the series, largely summarizes the spirit of the Australian actress. Ruby Rose has been identified as inter-gender person, making visible a new reality

In addition to his interpretation of the dam of Litchfield, Ruby Rose is a leading advocate of the rights of the community LGBT . His rise to fame by Orange Is the New Black has only just visible a reality ignored for decades: the people who consider intergender. In an interview in the journal Elle , the Australian spoke openly of “gender fluidity”, similar words that we hear in dialogue with Piper.

The term intergender refers to the identity of the genre label that an individual who decides to “break” with the predefined genres and feels neither male nor female. The visibility of this other reality can also be compared with the free spirit that characterized Freddie Mercury in the eighties.

 Ruby Rose

defend from LGBT associations + ,” words are rarely unambiguous or neutral, since it is impossible to point out the true meaning of a word “. Hence the term intergender to refer to those who are “gender” without necessarily rejecting either. The Australian actress is a strong advocate for LGBT rights

In the case of Ruby Rose, the actress explained to Elle “was not identified in any genre.” For those who be surprised at his words, the Australian commented that “was not a man, but that did not quite feel like a woman, but was born that way.” In his imagination, he added in the interview, the feeling was that I could have the best of both genres. “I have many characteristics that define a man and a woman less, but sometimes I wear a skirt as it is today,” he joked.

The visibility of inter-gender proclaiming Ruby Rose, despite not having with the total rejection faced Freddie Mercury is begrudgingly accepted. society stereotypes affect the way we view the world, and also in the way we understand new realities . They should break stereotypes, as she sang Queen, to be free. To be exactly as we want to be, Ruby Rose adds a curiously short film entitled Break free

A difficult reality to accept

Understand that was identified as a person day inter-as always happens when we get out of the stereotypes- was not easy. Ruby Rose has come to own comment that in his childhood thought of sex change, but over the years taught him that could not be identified within the male gender. The fact of being attracted to other women made adolescence Australian was really hard. As a teenager, she was harassed because of their sexual orientation

At twelve, he came out of the closet. But this decision was not easy. As he said in an interview href=””> , “they were horrible and lonely moments”. In high school, things did not improve. His companions began to harass her for being a lesbian, and at sixteen ended up in hospital after an assault. A girl in his class hit him in the head with a chair .

His youth was very hard, but those experiences made Ruby Rose is now become a reference for many people . “It is appalling that the first cause of death in young people under 25 is suicide,” he has said on several occasions. The experience has taught her teenage actress that “small gestures can change someone’s life at critical moments.” Theirs also changed, and now the Australian is happy with his partner Phoebe Dahl , a British designer, granddaughter of the famous writer Roald Dahl.

Unlike what happened with Freddie Mercury, Ruby Rose has managed to overcome the difficult moments of his adolescence, while breaking stereotypes and he reached success. Indeed its free-spirited image accompanies from the beginning, when was the image of Maybelline , the brand of makeup. In the first ad, saying “Gone were the times in which we let the doubts prevented us be masters of all versions of ourselves.”

A message that reaffirms the character of Australian , that has made their differences flag . A flag that wave can also see in the film Around the Block , which plays Hannah Ruby Rose. Although the actress is not the main character of fime, the play ends with a great quote. “We do not choose how we are born, but choose to live. Some of us also choose to love. And some, only a minority of us choose to be free.” As free as Ruby Rose, the Australian actress who has also taken his first steps in the music world with the release of songs like Guilty Pleasure .


Ruby Rose, the actress who recovered the spirit of Freddie Mercury
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August 14, 2015

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