Rumor: Nintendo already has Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch

in Addition to filtered information about the development of Metroid Prime 4.

The announcement of reboot Metroid Prime 4 care of Retro Studios-creators of the trilogy Metroid Prime– has provoked varied opinions, because it ensures that the project will have the expected quality, but also that the development begins again. The news has served to Imran Khan -editor of Game Informer – reveal project details.

Khan explains that the big problem with Metroid Prime 4 has been a experimental development -for Nintendo – with the collaboration between multiple studies. Several parts of the game were made in different countries, and while some met their goals, others do not. Many blockbusters today are created this way -for example titles from Ubisoft-but have a lot more experience in these partnerships.

These difficulties made you think it was better to work with a single study. In addition, Retro would have presented an idea to Nintendo to get involved in the project that would have liked to have the company, the reason why they have been chosen to restart the game.

however, Khan points out that there are not many members who worked at the Metroid Prime original at Retro Studios, and that it is more of a movement to take advantage of the name of the study. Also mentioned Bandai Namco as a developer of the original project, something that had been pointed rumors.

Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch is real and it is ready

Nintendo would list the collection Metroid Prime Trilogy to Switch, according to Khan. In fact, he says that the announcement was supposed to be scheduled for the last month, which means that it can be submitted at any time.


Rumor: Nintendo already has Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch
Source: english  
January 25, 2019

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