Russia test with success your own internet

Russia has proven to the citizens of your own internet. The Russian Government disconnected the country from the internet global to connect it to RuNet, the national network and own of Russia in which users are only able to connect with localized sites in the country.Russia has disconnected its territory of the world servers of the internet with the aim of check whether it could survive only connected to your own network with any problem, they wanted to collect information and feedback of the users in the use of the system, as reported by the Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting (RBK).The president Vladimir Putin had explained in the means of communication Russian Tass, owned by the same Government, that this test was a ‘play defensive’: “Runet is addressed only to prevent the adverse consequences of the disconnection of the global network global, which is controlled largely from abroad,” he said, adding that it is about to have its “own resources” and that they can be fired for “not being kicked off of the Internet.” In accordance with the statements on the first tests of this network in russia, it seems that “the population has not noticed the difference in terms of speed, service, connectivity, and freedom of navigation”.“The results of the exercises showed that, in general, both the authorities and the telecom operators are ready to respond effectively to the risks and emerging threats, to ensure the stable operation of the Internet and the telecommunications network unified in the Federation of Russia”, explained the director of the Russian Ministry of Communications, Alexey Sokolov.The most critics argue that the only goal of the RuNet is to have the total control of the communication via the internet and that the agency Russian control of media, Roskomnadzor, to use it to their whim.According to Human Right Watch, it is “redirect all internet traffic through the critical points of Roskomnadzor, as if they were in a sort of customs or offices of control.” In these servers, Roskomnadzor, the Russian authorities could intercept and filter traffic, something similar to what makes the ‘Great Firewall’ of China.And is that Russia will see clear intentions: their protectionist policy in this field not coming to the fore for the first time with the RuNet, as a few weeks ago, the country approved a law that obliges all manufacturers of mobile mounting ‘software’ Russian to be able to market their products in your territory.
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Russia test with success your own internet
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January 1, 2020

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