Samsung ARM Mali abandon the graphics processor in its new Exynos Octa

Samsung ARM Mali abandon the graphics processor in its new Exynos Octa

everyone to some extent we all have seen interesting developments at CES this year and seems to have captured more than any other androids care: the announcement of its new chip Samsung Exynos Octa.

The processor in question tetranuclear mounts a double set, one of them based on ARM7 and ARM15 other in so The use of either would swing depending on the workload to be performed, resulting in (according to figures Korean company) to 60% less consumption regarding ARM15 similar processors.


has thrown something at fault in these presentations, the GPU to ride this monster.

And in Las Vegas not heard anything about it and so did we assume that most that the GPU would also manufactured by ARM given innovation of this chip (which must have required a great job together by ARM and Samsung) and the GPU of your previous flagship processor and before that had been precisely about ARM Mali (400 in the SGS3 Exynos and riding the Exynos T604 carrying the Nexus 5250 10).

However it seems that the rumors going around, but because Samsung would mount a PowerVR GPU as he did in his first Exynos. In this case we speak of the PowerVR SGX 544 MP3. As discussed in the gossip Internet, ARM has no ready solution guarantees up to the PowerVR processors to timely file so in this case Samsung would have chosen a solution quite similar to riding their rivals Apple.

We are talking about a plot at 533 MHz with 4 cores and 51.1 GFLOPS performance without overclocking of any kind (or lack that makes him, hear). To give you the idea, the performance of the graphics card would be halfway between the iPhone 5 and the new iPad.

We will have to wait for official confirmation of any of the three involved to know for sure, but the truth is that there is nothing sleazy.

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