Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Analysis and user experience

On August 28 Samsung quoted us in Berlin, in a appointment at IFA, to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the successor to one of the devices that most surprised us in 2011. A few months later, this device came to the Spanish market, and so today we bring you the full analysis of the last beast manufactured by Samsung.

Box Content

Content of the box is quite similar to what we found in the Samsung Galaxy S3, nothing special. Inside you will find:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • Battery
  • in-ear headphones with volume control
  • Cable

  • microUSB
  • Plug
  • manual and warranty
  • set headphone plugs
  • box design I must say that is a little less minimalist the Galaxy S3 , which could say it was sublime. This time we have a more classic design, with a picture of the device on the front accompanying the Samsung logo and screen printing of “Samsung Galaxy Note 2”.

    design and materials

    The design of this device is very similar to the Galaxy S3. In fact, have the same feel, the same materials (plastic) and the same chrome trim on the sides . Not so with the colors available, as in the case of Galaxy Note are gray and white, while the S3 were blue and white.

    The Galaxy Note 2, despite being a device very large (5.5 inches) is quite comfortable in the hand. This is because the edges thereunder have been reduced as much as possible, getting a very similar size to the first note. However, have been even more ergonomic if I had even more rounded corners, such as the Galaxy S3 has.

    The Note 2, for most people, it will be a terminal excessively large, and indeed it is, but there are certain people who appreciate these extra inches and this fantastic S-Pen accompanying Note. And is that a phablet Note 2, ie, a device somewhere between the 7-inch tablets and smartphones, taking the best of both worlds and unifying into one. That is why we take the Galaxy Note 2 as a device for a very specific niche market and not a device for the general public.

    Returning design, a negative detail, though not decisive, is the home button, which is too small and sometimes inconvenient to press when handling the phone with one hand. Likewise also think it’s inadequate rear speaker position, to place the device on a surface, distorting the audio.

    materials, while contributing to a lower weight, give a feeling of lower quality that you must provide a phone that is about 600 euros. They could have used a polycarbonate similar to One X, which has a perfect balance between weight and quality feel.

    Hardware, battery life and performance

    The hardware of this Galaxy Note 2 is of the cutting edge that we can find. Comes governed by a Samsung Exynos SoC quad core at 1.6 GHz and a Mali 400MP gives us a slightly higher yield to Galaxy S3. As for the RAM, with 2 GB that make the device flow smoothly.

    Connectivity is a highlight in this Note 2, and it has most in common connections mobile: NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, MHL and 4G LTE (only in the U.S. and countries with these networks).

    Paragraph memory versions we find 16, 32 and 64 GB, even occur as the Galaxy S3, will be marketed only the 16GB version. However, the memory can be expanded via microSD cards up to 64 GB.

    The Galaxy Note battery 2 has a capacity of 3100 mAh , which in practice means that the device is a real beast far as autonomy is concerned. I was able to spend two full days using 3G permanently push synchronization of multiple accounts mail and Twitter, Spotify routine use even one hour of Google Navigation. Certainly FANTASTIC. In the screenshot you can see my last day with him, in which the use has been extreme.

    Its performance is very good. Maybe not as good as the Nexus family, but I dare say it is the best performance out of that family provides. In no time I could find a FC or any slowdown in daily use.

    However, it does I have seen some lag in tougher tasks like playing Asphalt 7 (not in GTA III and FIFA 12), which in the Galaxy S3, with lower technical specifications, not happening. This may be caused probably a bad optimization software that incorporates this Note 2.

    If we rely on benchmarks, we can see how the Note 2 stands out for its high scores, earning on average about 5800 Quadrant, 13500 in about 1800 in AnTuTu and Vellamo.


    Based on version 4.1 of Android, the Galaxy Note 2 incorporates host of new features aimed at S-Pen, and which we had in the Galaxy S3. There are many, and it could be days and days describing each in detail, but I think these are the highlights:

    Multi-View: allows you to run two both applications in the device dividing the screen into two. This is very helpful considering that we are talking about a device with a large screen and is focused primarily on productivity. Moreover, its use is as simple as holding down the back button for a few seconds. Once we do this, we will see a sidebar where you can choose which applications you want to use.

  • S-Note: A simple yet comprehensive application notes. Contains many functions that are complemented with the S-Pen. For example, we can find an image on internet, capture only the part that interests us (holding down the stylus button) and export it to S-Note for appropriate tasks.
  • Stay Smart

  • : This function and were in the Samsung Galaxy S3, but in this Note 2 has been greatly improved. Now also detects the orientation of our face to rotate the screen or not. This is useful for those who regularly use the phone on the bed.
  • Pop-up play: With this function we can watch a video while performing other tasks. Like Smart Stay, this option and had the Galaxy S3, only with the Note 2 added the ability to increase or decrease the size.
  • As I said, there are many more, which you can see in detail in the video that will make videoreview this device, which also show all the greatness of the great S-Pen.

    camera, audio and screen

    the multimedia section 2 the Galaxy Note is a delight. Having a 5.5 inch screen SuperAMOLED HD, a fantastic 8 megapixel camera and a Wolfson audio, we can say that the Galaxy Note 2 is the best multimedia smartphone you can buy.

    camera 8 megapixels is exactly the same as the Galaxy S3
    , which I told my partner Danny wonders at the time. not reach the level of Xperia Xperia S or T, but we can consider it as one of the best cameras that are in a smartphone today. It features LED flash, Full HD recording at 30 FPS and a very fast shutter speed. Here are some screenshots:

    The audio in this Note 2 is one of the things that have been improved significantly from the Galaxy S3. With this new speaker obtain higher levels of volume and bass over powered, Two of the weaknesses of the Galaxy S3. However, as I said above, the position of the speaker sometimes makes a little audio distortion, but it’s nothing too serious.

    The screen Galaxy Note 2 remember that it is a display of 5.5 inch SuperAMOLED HD with 1280 x 720 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. We can say that this is the best screen we can find on the market for multimedia tasks, both color and brightness as per size . Perhaps the outdoor visibility if it would be improved, but it is widespread in all mobile devices.


    We are definitely a smartphone to fantastic in every senses . It has good screen, good performance, good camera … etc. It adds a stylus with interesting features (especially for the professional sector), Android 4.1 and a battery series gives us great autonomy.

    But not everything is good on this phone, and there two main complaints. The first is the design and the materials, which I believe are not consistent with a mobile 600 euros. And the second is the price of around 580 euros if we acquired approximately free.

    Some will say that size would also be a bad thing right? The truth is no. I remind you that this phone has a very specific niche market, and what does it really takes looking a screen of this size. Also, when you take a couple of days with him, you get used to and is comfortable to use with one hand, but obviously it is not as much as the Galaxy S3 or the One X.

    With this I leave Clearly just buy the Galaxy Note 2 if you are aware of their size and really going to use that screen. If you will not need as much screen, probably as the Galaxy S3 alternatives, the One X or even the Nexus 4, which will better meet your needs and are at cheaper prices.

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