Samsung Galaxy S Tab will have a thickness of only 6.6mm

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Samsung present on June 12 its new Galaxy Tab S . Now we get several leaked images of the device that reveal extreme thinness of just 6.6mm.

The Rise of thin tablets shows that demand industry lightness. Although be seen to what extent this has an impact on durability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S, betting everything on the new range of tablets

The Galaxy Tab S is the equivalent of the Galaxy S in tablets. A new range where Samsung is going to bet their entire marketing force to turn them into selling.

They will be equipped with a QuadHD screen, 3GB of RAM, Exynos 5420 and fingerprint sensor . Also come with numerous applications owned Samsung.

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But one of the highlights is the thinness of this ten-inch model that will be the 6.6mm . Even slightly less, 6.5mm, in the case of eight inches. The weight we 465 grams 10.5 for the model and a not inconsiderable 287g in Eight .

Looking for the thinnest tablet

However it should be remembered however surprising that these data do not appear out of the seen. For example we Z2 Xperia Tablet with a similar thickness 6.4mm and 426g. Here are a few pictures of the new Galaxy Tab S.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great tablet S to enter our list of ultrathin tablets. is also surely among the most complete. Will she match the success they have on mobile?

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Samsung Galaxy S Tab will have a thickness of only 6.6mm
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June 8, 2014

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