Samsung Galaxy S, Vortex 0.5 Rom Android 4.2.1 by Team Tsunami

samsung galaxy s rom vortex by team tsunami 0 5 4 2 1 3 android Samsung Galaxy S, Rom Vortex 0.5 Android 4.2.1 by Team Tsunami

Given the track that was the version of the roms that made the Team Tsunami target=”_blank”> , and because blog comments Androidsis , I have decided to present the latest update of the Vortex with the latest version of the mobile operating system Google , Android 4.2.1 .

Some while ago I introduce the Vortex 0.0 , and now I bring the new version released on January 5th of this year 2013, the Vortex target=”_blank”> which has Very good comments xdadevelopers and a tremendous track and download it.

First of all, and to be perfectly honest with you I must tell you that I have not personally tested because the team last rom Team REMICs-JB I am so happy and I am still thinking it is the most polished and rom best behaved in our terminal, but as for taste there is nothing written and each terminal is a world here are the installation instructions and download the files needed to install it.

Changelog for version


style=”line-height: 13px;”> CM10.1 January 4, 2013

  • Semaphore 2.9.0S
  • New app Chronus (Time and clock)

  • Holo Launcher Plus HD
  • NOVA Launcher

    Patch to sync with Facebook

    for Patch Gallery

    optimized SQL

  • Lazerdroid script
  • LMK script

  • New tweaks in build.prop
  • Patch lib for hugemem

  • Patch framewok and service
  • Patch Settings

    New patch for SystemUi

    You Need

    Having a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 model rooteado and flashed the ClockworkMod Recovery

  • Battery fully charged
  • USB Debugging

  • enabled from the terminal system settings to flash.
  • zipped file of the rom Vortex 0.5 that can download from here .
  • Method

    rom Installation

    copy the zip of the rom directly without decompressing the root of the terminal to flash sdcard and reboot into Recovery mode to follow these instructions:

    Wipe data factory reset

    Wipe cache partition

  • Advanced / wipe dalvik cache
  • Go Back
  • Mounts and storage and format data, cache and system
  • Back Go back
  • Install zip from sdcard
  • Choose zip from sdcard

  • select the rom zip and confirm the installation.
  • Reboot system now
  • samsung galaxy s rom vortex by team tsunami 0 5 4 2 1 1 android Samsung Galaxy S, Vortex Rom 0.5 by Team Android 4.2.1 Tsunami

    With this we will have the rom installed correctly, but if you stay in bootloop on the home screen you will have to restart again Recovery mode and continue from step 5.

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    Source – Xdadevelopers

    Download – Vortex Rom 4.2.1 Android 0.5 Samsung Galaxy S

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    Samsung Galaxy S, Vortex 0.5 Rom Android 4.2.1 by Team Tsunami
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    January 12, 2013

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