Samsung Galaxy S4: All I really know about him

A little over a month and a half for the MWC in Barcelona, ​​arise and stop not appear rumors and more rumors about new devices each company. Why not, Samsung is one of the most impact is having, as its Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most anticipated terminals thanks to the good work done with previous models in the Galaxy.

At the moment There are many rumors on the net about specifications, release dates and pictures. For example, a few days ago a leaked supposed image of a render of the Galaxy S4, which is almost certainly a fake. And this type of filtered images are very common in months prior to the launch of a new member of the Galaxy family. Galaxy S3, for example, multiple filtered images, which turned out to be fakes after the final presentation of the device.

is also rumored specs as quad-core processor, 5-inch screen Full HD, 13 megapixels … etc. Probably many of them see them in the Galaxy S4, but mostly because is what is expected in this new batch of devices. Although, for example, would not rule that the Exynos 5 Octa who unveiled yesterday we find in the Galaxy S4, something no rumor had anticipated.

It is said that incorporate a flexible display, a rumor which was also applied to the Galaxy Note 2 and turned out to be false. In fact, we could assume that 100% false considering that Samsung just introduced a prototype with flexible screen , making it clear that this technology is still a little green to incorporate it into its flagship. Perhaps the Galaxy Note 3 to the Galaxy S5 themselves that have this flexible screen, but the Galaxy S4 will not.

Filing date has been rumored that it could be in early March, shortly after the MWC. It is an ideal time, since Samsung could make your own event (to attract even more bulbs) but not be delayed much against its competition, as it did with the Galaxy S3. But like all other aspects of the Galaxy S4, is completely in the air. In principle Samsung has scheduled a presentation at MWC, so it could also be the perfect place for it, as I was with the rest of the Galaxy S family (except S3, of course).

And finally discussing the inclusion of a S-Pen in the S4 Galaxy , like family and makes Galaxy Note. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt Samsung decides to do this . The S-Pen is characteristic Note family and is one of its main attractions, so the inclusion of this in the S4 Galaxy hurt all devices lose Notice as the “exclusivity” of one of its hallmarks .

So what do we know of the Galaxy S4? Nothing. Only can confirm that the phone exists and that Samsung plans to introduce in the early stages of the year , but can not confirm or specifications, or exact filing date, or the inclusion of S-Pen or anything. By this I mean that we do not get carried away by rumors, especially when there is still so much time for his alleged submission. One must pay attention to the rumors that go in the next few days to launch, which are those that tend to be true (or so we have seen in recent years).

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Samsung Galaxy S4: All I really know about him
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January 10, 2013

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