Samsung Galaxy S4 Aluminum housing

But do not like the plastic housing? No problem, now you can enjoy this wonderful device with an aluminum housing due to excellent covers!  Galaxy S4 metal casing

Galaxy S4 is already on sale in some markets, while it has received excellent reviews in terms of hardware and software, the appearance is more questionable, as is common in the Galaxy, its plastic housing. Many users have said they prefer the HTC One, which has a similar performance hardware (at least in benchmarks) but incorporating an aluminum unibody.

While there are many users who prefer the housing plastic that allows the device to be extremely light and possesses a swappable battery, other do not like at all. Therefore, Samsung has brought something to satisfy the latter: aluminum housings in various colors!

 metal-housing S4 Galaxy So, on e-Bay offer these aluminum faceplates that let you enjoy the Galaxy S4 with a new cover for a few dollars. And, best of all, there are many color options to choose from: white, black, blue, red, violet, blue, gray, green, yellow among several others.

So you know Now you can enjoy your Galaxy S4 with an aluminum casing! You can buy them from this link . They only cost $ 10 and they ship all over the world so I think that is a very good option to consider.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Aluminum housing
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April 30, 2013

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