Samsung Galaxy S5: What’s all we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S5: What’s all we know so far

Samsung Galaxy SV. I like Roman numerals. It gives a historical and orderly, just touch the same feeling that is...

Samsung Galaxy SV. I like Roman numerals. It gives a historical and orderly, just touch the same feeling that is expected to have the new flagship model of Samsung. The Galaxy range several years ago blossomed. The Emperor takes records but dark clouds looming on its successful path. With the S5 Samsung must confirm its leading position as a manufacturer Android and re-convince all users that their best smartphone is also the best in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was a hard to beat outstanding terminal. With the Galaxy S5 must repeat the same ingredients but add a touch of innovation to differentiate of a competition that offers ever better products. It’s in your hands the option to comment if you think it will still be as successful as always present or need some extra detail. We leave you with the next dark beast.

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Technical Specifications

S5 Samsung Galaxy improve in all aspects his predecessor. Let’s review some which are l as features and technical specifications that have been appearing throughout these months. Some of them no longer rumors, others are based on logical assumptions and there are also some another filtration, but for now that have come on time over the weeks we go seeing them now.

screen 2560 × 1440 pixels

standard WQHD come in 2014 in the same way that it did in 2013 FULLHD. The screen will S5 Galaxy Super AMOLED type as Samsung used to equip their terminals. The size of this increase to the PenTile 5.25 inch which would yield a 560ppi, above the barrier of hundred ppi, figures not seen before and that is expected to result in an exceptional 2K screen, both indoors and outdoors.

What seems to be yes another model of Galaxy family will fully curved screen that does not appear on S5. The Galaxy Round has gone from being an experiment and Samsung moment will not dare to incorporate it into your terminal star, but what can we see the edges are curved.

Processor 64-bit

Samsung can keep up. Waiting to see the results produced by the 64-bit future Qualcomm, Samsung try to bet again by having a chip itself as it had in the first Galaxy manufacture. The new Samsung Exynos 6 Octa 64 bits will have unmatched power, exceeding 800 Snapdragon A7 and Apple 50%. It will be based on the ARM Cortex-A50 architecture and bring 4K ability to move with its Mali GPU , surely the T678 support OpenGL 3.0 and DirectX11.

If you do not return to the same mistake by focusing only on the power see including connectivity up to 300Mbps LTE Cat 6 in this chip, secure connectivity that include new Snapdragon itself.

The Galaxy S5 is thought to be the core of our experience online. will offer unmatched power there are no problems in moving larger screens or the next generation games. Would be accompanied by 4GB of RAM more than I have seen in Note3, and although the big leap seems to us who but Samsung for begin production

16MP Camera

The Galaxy S5 improve the camera with its flagship ISOCELL 16 megapixel sensor as they said in a conference in Seoul in early November. This improved sensor allow better shooting in low light and get greater color fidelity.

Other manufacturers like Sony and Nokia have invested heavily in the smartphone as a substitute Samsung camera and being left behind. What finally seems to appear as Bloomberg is Iris scanner, probably thanks to a camera attached to the front of 3 or 4 megapixels and also would have a face recognition system sensor. A marked improvement oriented precisely those extra features recognition and activation by proximity Samsung has already been introduced gradually into the other Galaxy and the S5 would become one of his hallmarks.

Battery 4000mAh

Battery has always been the point to improve in all smartphones. The Galaxy S5 continue struggling to overcome the barrier of independence day. Although include a gigantic 4000mAh battery, which may seem a lot compared for example with the LG G2 3000mAh but we must remember that the new resolution WQHD accompany the S5.

Design renovated

Another point which has been most criticized Samsung’s on the material chosen. polycarbonate Galaxy is one of its hallmarks, lightweight and durable. The change to a metal body does not look bad, but if we had to bet it would be back by the polycarbonate so well been given, leaving the metal to the Galaxy F and other ranges that appear next to the S5. On the back cover could be the novelty, with a leather lining and the Note or a flexible plastic such as having the S2.

Over the months have I been emerging concepts and patents renders us gradually as will the S5. In the picture above we see that screen that despite not curve would have three sides, where both sides would draw fine for some notification bar or similar.

Final size Galaxy S5 should not exceed by much the S4, which is surprising because the screen size is increasing. A rounded design similar to the Note range, a line with which criteria are unified. And the weight also have another of its limiting factors, one aspect that might decide not improve at the expense of introducing a single large battery.

Touchwiz UX 3.0 Nature

The software is where Samsung focuses. Touchwiz UX 3.0 Nature is the next version of its exclusive personalization to Android and as usual come with multiple programs to replace entirely the Google Play Services. The Galaxy S5 must convince users that their coat is best, because the jump to Tizen played. If they created an ecosystem of applications make us forget Android Stock have taken a giant step continue to associate the image of Android with Touchwiz.

S-voice, music-S, S-translator … will tell you all the news of the new Samsung Android software when we can see all its features. What does seem clear is that behind this layer, the Galaxy S5 will come with Android 4.4 installed base KitKat.

What more hope?

What everyone expected that Samsung is to live up to expectations. Right now there are two groups of people, those who believe that the S5 will be improved and enhanced as was the S4 or Samsung will bet everything and turn the experience into something radically different from that of other Android smartphones below.

With the Samsung Note rescued three design lines S2, a compact mobile and exquisite finishes. The future Galaxy S5 will full force behind an impressive marketing campaign and a team of thousands of engineers to make the smartphone the Samsung Star confirmation that still betting on Android.

The presentation of S5 Galaxy is expected for the same dates in which was presented the previous model. We confirmation from Samsung that will be in Q2 2014. Last year was shown in March and available in stores in April. And while many had hoped that luck and S5 presentation out at MWC in Barcelona, ​​so is Samsung wants to repeat its own event for the second quarter.

We doubt surprises in the price itself what we see is an offer with accessories and wearables devices displayed next to Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy Brand Galaxy Gear 2 … many of them based on Android but only terminal compatible with Samsung, a masterstroke that will allow them to gradually disengage from Google.

And you, do you expect to win the new Samsung SV Galaxy

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