Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Prices and launch in Spain


Galaxy range Tab 3 is not a stranger to readers of The Free Android , but even if we know all the technical details of all the tablets that form, did not know m on the release date and price . That changes today , with the official announcement that was just made. These prices v Arian something about which we already knew Europe

GALAXY Tab July 3 inch_001_WiFi

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Tab July 3 inches will cost € 199 . We knew it was a match for the Nexus 7, but has since gone out a new version of Google’s tablet and Asus. The offering of Samsung is cheaper, but also details such as the size of your screen (1024 × 600) are also lower. The 3G version will cost € 299.


The Galaxy eight inches Tab 3 for its part has another competitor different, but with a different operating system: the iPad Mini. This has a dual core processor and half a gig of RAM. will cost € 319 , and 100 € more for the 3G version.


Finally, ten-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 3 should be ideal for those seeking a great device but not pass price. will cost € 369.


As a surprise, Samsung also announced that The Galaxy Tab 3 KIDS reach the Spanish market in time for the Christmas season , in early November, although prices have not specified.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Prices and launch in Spain
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September 12, 2013

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