Samsung has patented a mobile phone with a screen enclosure of three sides

Samsung has patented a mobile phone with a screen enclosure of three sides

Get a front of the mobile the entire screen is one of the main objectives of manufacturers of smartphone and Samsung does not want to fall behind. After the past month of February his flip phone Galaxy Fold, with the consequent problems later on durability of your display, the hyundai brand does not cease in its efforts to offer different phones in the screen copper the lead role.

Proof of this is the patent to create a mobile phone with a screen enclosure introduced in 2016 and that he obtained just a few days ago. It shows a different design to anything seen until now, which new features are added. Logically, it is only a patent and may never see the light, but only the proposal already is more than eye-catching.

The screen that starts before and ends up back

Samsung Patent 3

The idea is proprietary to Samsung reflects a screen enclosure that starts at the front, continues on the top and ends in the rear area. In this way, we would have to three screens in the mobile that would work independently.

The three screens work independently, although they could be activated simultaneously to execute different tasks

The screens could be activated simultaneously and would have the same features. That is to say, with a single touch could change your applications at any screen, since there would be no difference in activity between the screen in front of you and behind.

yes, this is not a mobile folding the style of the Galaxy Fold but rather a smartphone double-sided with different screens. So, the screen would occupy the entire front of the phone and three-quarters of the rear area, leaving space to catch the device with the hand.

For its part, the upper zone would be dedicated to notifications to display general information. When you drag this notification from the smaller screen to either of the other two, it would open the app corresponding automatically.

Samsung Patent 2

And what about the buttons and the camera? Although the illustrations show a physical home button built into the screen, in the description of the patent infers that it could be virtual. Regarding the camera, it would not be necessary to have a camera for selfies as these could be made with the main camera located in the rear area.

The mobile phone would include features such as real-time translation, or the possibility of displaying a photo on the two screens for viewing simultaneously two people

But the patent Samsung picks up a lot more than the design itself and adds attractive features. Perhaps one of the most interesting is the arrival of the real-time translation, so that two people could talk about -and understood – in different languages as they would see on the screen the translation in their own language. The idea of Samsung is to add in addition to special options of the camera such as the possibility of making a picture with the camera and display it on two screens, so that two people can view the resulting image on the respective screen.

As we say, Samsung had registered the patent in 2016 and has recently obtained. Will we see this mobile with screen enclosure in the market? What is certain is that we do not know the intentions of Samsung to carry it out because the mere fact of obtaining a patent, does not mean that the product reaches to see the light.

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Samsung has patented a mobile phone with a screen enclosure of three sides
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