Samsung is considering removing the charger from the box of their smartphones

Samsung might be considering taking a drastic measure to cut costs: to exclude the loaders of the components of the boxes of their smartphones, according to the news site Korean ETNews. The reason would be that the chargers smart phones “have become widespread”, that is to say, almost everyone has one already today.

while there were many details about the when and the how, this means he affirms that “it is expected that Samsung will exclude the charger, some models that will be launched next year”. The sources that confirm this to be leaked are “several officials of the industry”.

“it Is known that Samsung Electronics began to discuss ways to exclude chargers on the basis of the judgment of the chargers have been supplied enough ten years after the launch of the smartphones”, says the news portal Korean.

Stop provide standard charger to buy a mobile phone could reduce the cost and make up “the price increasing of the smartphones due to the support of the communication 5G”.

however, they point, if it does not grant other rewards or benefits rather than to exclude the charger, can give rise to consumer complaints, and can act as a factor that hinders the purchase of smart phones.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of smart phones, with around 400 million a year. If Samsung Electronics reduces the purchase of chargers, you will inevitably have a negative impact on the companies that supplied it. Currently, there are three national companies that provide chargers to Samsung Electronics.

Samsung is not the first giant on the it is rumored that it will eliminate chargers of the boxes: recently days ago jumped the rumor that the iPhone, 12 Apple could come also without this component.

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Samsung is considering removing the charger from the box of their smartphones
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July 14, 2020

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