Samsung is still the king: leads the sale of mobile with Huawei to lag behind

Apple will make more noise, but Samsung remains the king of mobile. The trademark south Korean remains the most sold in all over the world. In fact, the mark of the apple is not even the second of the ranking global sales, but the third. Because the second position is for Huawei, despite Trump, despite the restrictions laid down by the veto of the united States.According to the data of the signature analysis, Counterpoint, referring to the third quarter of 2019, Samsung has registered sales of 78,4 million units smartphones (to 72.3 million in the third quarter of 2018).Huawei (whose data include the sales of Honor) has sold 66,3 million units, compared to 52 for the same quarter in 2018. Apple reached 44.8 million. Ranked fourth and fifth of sales, respectively, are Oppo, with 32.7 million and Xiaomi, with at 31.7.In terms of market share, Samsung has captured 20.6% of sales at the global level. Will remain Huawei (17.6%) and Apple (11.8 percent). Oppo comes to 8.6%, and Xiaomi, to 8.3%.The sales of mobile phones around the world during the third quarter of 2019 reached 380 million units , leaving behind several months of declines. Samsung, Huawei and Realme are the brands that have grown.According to Counterpoint, the market is “almost flat”, because those 380 million of 2019 are almost the same as the 379,8 million for the same quarter in 2018. The slight increase is due primarily to the markets of India and China, which put an end to the long period of seven months of falling year-on-year registered.
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Samsung is still the king: leads the sale of mobile with Huawei to lag behind
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November 4, 2019

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