Samsung says goodbye to the development of hydrogen fuel cell

Samsung says goodbye to the development of hydrogen fuel cell confirming that this technology does not have nor will future their interests, which have confirmed all manufacturers launched this adventure with the cancellation of almost all future projects based on hydrogen fuel cell.

Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Honda (from other manufacturers) they have invested huge amounts of money developing something that many have described as unnecessary as it was late, no future options and such high costs that can not be justified their investment. This is the calling card of the hydrogen fuel cell, three attributes to which we must add that the electric car is already present and has all manufacturers of both vehicles and components in full swing, and so Samsung has confirmed that there will continue its commitment to this type of vehicles: are not profitable and prefer to focus efforts on being leaders in creating batteries for electric cars

Samsung SDI is in the midst of a complex process of internal restructuring for . seek investment returns and therefore have confirmed that continue betting on an energy that is being developed by vehicle manufacturers makes no sense. In my opinion, the motor industry has spoken: yes electric cars, cars powered by hydrogen fuel cell no . But also no technology can subsist on a so exaggerated dependence of public support at all levels, if the electric car needs them imagine the hydrogen fuel cell.

“We decided to abandon projects related to hydrogen as business prospects are not good.”

But Samsung is not only focused on creating hydrogen fuel cell systems for cars but experienced in other fields like computers and even smartphones. Lithium batteries revolutionized many years these two sectors and hydrogen was relegated as a dream for the motor industry: fill the tank car with water only

Inside. the restructuring of Samsung importance is given to the development of lithium batteries with a new more than EUR 2,000 million in the next five years, just the period of time required for investment in 2020 with the predictable boom electric car to become industry leaders, a complicated war with LG, Panasonic and Tesla as major players in this segment.

the electric car and it is a reality , is this because all those involved in developing the future of the motor industry are aligned with the same goal: abandonment of oil for electricity. What will be the position of the other manufacturers already a minority continue to rely on a technology without support or governmental or parts suppliers?

Samsung says goodbye to the development of hydrogen fuel cell
Samsung says goodbye to the development of hydrogen fuel cell
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