Samsung shows ‘The Sero’, your tv vertically to view content of mobile

Maybe you’ve already heard of him: ‘The Sero’, which means ‘vertical’ in Korean, it is a tv of 43 inches designed by Samsung for generation millennial that has the ability to rotate in horizontal and vertical position, as a smartphone or a tablet.After its initial launch in South Korea last year, Samsung will expand the availability of ‘The Sero’ to several markets around the world in 2020, being the flagship of innovation in their televisions Lifestyle.“The technology orientation of screen that offers ‘The Sero’ connects seamlessly with the mobile devices of users, to display content in a natural and fluid in the formats horizontal traditional, but also in formats vertical’s own mobile consumption,” say from the company itself.

The company justifies this format by the use that young people give to the mobile now: because they spend more time looking at the screen of his smartphone of a tv, Samsung wants you to do it on a big screen and optimized for this and that does not include black bars on the side.How does it work? Simply touch the tv with the mobile phone for this play the contents of the device and rotate it by imitating their movements. For example, the queries on social networks are usually made in vertical, while if we see a video on YouTube we tend to turn the mobile and put it horizontal.Samsung has unveiled ‘The Sero’ and their latest range of tvs MicroLED and QLED 8K before the start of the CES show 2020, which is held in Las Vegas until the next, January 10. ‘The Sero’ has advanced features of smart tv -including the wizard Bixby Samsung-, 4K resolution, color QLED and a sound system 4.1 60 watts.The vertical format is a perspective artificial to understand the space that surrounds us, because our vision is horizontal. This is the reason why the movie industry bet by the panoramic format, for example.However, social networking have managed to redefine in many cases what is ‘naturally human’ and the consumption of audiovisual seems to be one of them. Since the stories Instagram mark the trend of our lives, or since we live hooked on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, and its imposition of vertical format, we’re losing a part of our world.As almost always, the blame is a capital sin: on the topic which concerns us is the laziness. Does it look a little worse in vertical? Perhaps, but it is more immediate, because you turn the mobile phone would use both hands.
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Samsung shows ‘The Sero’, your tv vertically to view content of mobile
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January 7, 2020

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