San Sebastian 2019: ‘A Dark, Dark Man’ is THE film of the festival, a surprising black comedy coming of Kazakhstan

San Sebastian 2019: 'A Dark, Dark Man' is THE film of the festival, a surprising black comedy coming of Kazakhstan

it is Always risky to say that you’ve seen best picture of a festival, especially when you have days and many more works ahead. But time passes, and the certainty is still there. I emocionándome to think of it, laughing of their occurrences. Nothing of what I have seen after it has captivated me so much, or has caused me the same feelings.

a look back at A rather rotten and crazy

To the Dark-Dark Man’, the seventh feature film by Kazakh Adilkhan Yerzhanov, it is one of the 16 titles competing in the official section of the San Sebastian film Festival (in principle, there were 17 films in competition but it ‘Zeroville‘ he was disqualified to be shown in Russia, oddly enough, shortly before the start of the contest).

A black comedy full of surprises that, if it depended on me, should rise in the Shell of Gold; or at least, the prize for the best mise en scene.

The story of murder of a child. The police have decided who is the culprit and planted evidence to close the case as soon as possible. Everything follows its course, until the arrival of a reporter (Dinara Baktybaeva) complicates things. Will accompany you to the detective Bekzat (Daniar Alshinov), who must follow the procedure for the first time. Your research leads you quickly to the true author of the crime but to discover the truth can only lead to violent results for all…

Although we are already accustomed to the stories of murderers and psychopaths, Yerzhanov get that does not leave indifferent a scene where there is hardly a blood-stained sheet, and when you enter strokes of humor, it does so in a manner consistent with the world and the characters that we are presenting. From the start you feel like you’re digging in a very strange, sinister and raw, inhuman, with its own rules.

The input of the reporter, a young naive and idealistic, implies a break in the twisted routine in moving the characters of ‘Dark-Dark Man’. As if it was a western it were, the desert territory is dominated by an evil authority, and their brutal henchmen, who through bribes and intimidation, they have all the world at his feet, subdued by fear. Waiting for a hero to be impossible…

‘Dark-Dark Man’: a real gem noir

The police is so corrupt that no one strives to hide behaviors totally abnormal and violent. What is a jungle full of wild where the strongest, or those protected by them, they eat the weak. And instead of recreating it, in the terror and the tragedy, the author chooses to focus on the nuts, in the absurd and crazy, in all that breaks with the seriousness of the situation. In the laughter, the game and the dance.

Even in the most difficult moments, the characters make jokes or burst into laughter. It is a risky bet, but the filmmaker succeeds and makes the story very special, that it moves with astonishing ease between horror and comedy, trapping with powerful images, a careful staging and a beautiful photography that takes advantage of each plane to propose something; it’s almost always to circumvent the expectation.

Dark Dark Man

Although it is a story of criminal who has chosen humor as a means of escape, ‘At the Dark-Dark Man’ is not at all superficial; you will not slip what happens to their characters, is has your heart, a hand warmer that adds another layer to the story. This is felt most clearly in the relationship that is created between the detective and the journalist, while living this insane adventure with the defendant, and the friend of it.

The humanity of certain moments, while she tries to understand where it has gotten you, help you understand and justify the change in the police, and they add excitement to the explosive last act. In short, a real gem of the film the criminal and, to me, one of the best films of 2019. Every one lives in the art in its bowels; to me what he has done Adilkhan Yerzhanov I’ve been amazed, amused and moved. I can’t ask more to a movie.

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San Sebastian 2019: ‘A Dark, Dark Man’ is THE film of the festival, a surprising black comedy coming of Kazakhstan
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September 25, 2019

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