Saudi Arabia bans the use and sale of masks Anonymous

The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia banned the use and sale of the masks we often wear the hacker group Anonymous in its claims, reported the official Saudi news agency SPA.

A statement, Interior said that it has asked all regional offices of the Ministry of Commerce to seize Saudi those masks and destroyed.

also ordered companies to stop introducing import those objects in Saudi Arabia, ultraconservative kingdom where governing a strict interpretation of Sharia or Islamic law.

The note did not specify the reasons for the ban, which has already generated much controversy in the social networking realm, where some Internet think the use of the mask is politically motivated and others relate to violence.

Anonymous, a group who identifies with the classic white mask of Guy Fawkes in the movie “V for Vendetta” consists of known cyber attacks on government sites computer, institutions and companies as a form of protest.

Saudi Arabia bans the use and sale of masks Anonymous
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June 2, 2013

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