Say ‘Goodbye’ to interruptions: so is the postman digital to Gmail, which arrives three times a day

It may be one of the OCD -obsessive-compulsive- of modern life: not bear to leave without reading the notifications on your mobile. For some, viewing the bubble of red is like having an itch in the brain that may not be scratching, and not to mention when you take the phone of someone and find out that it has 2.357 emails without reading.On the other hand, every time you get a notification in our smartphone we interrupt the task that we are undertaking to look at what that says. What we do in a mechanical way, although we are very focused. And more now with the smartwatches or bracelets activity, that warn you by default of every novelty in your phone.With the idea of avoiding interruptions in the head is born ‘Goodbye’, a service that works as a postman digital to your account Gmail. You’ll be able to choose between receiving emails once every hour or just three times daily, and in this case you can choose the hours that you want to send the notificaciones.De average, people we reviewed the email 74 times a day, a figure very high given that in most cases the information that comes to us is not as important. What if there are some emails that are always urgent and that you should always receive at the time? Don’t worry, ‘Goodbye’ has thought of everything, and you can add exceptions to your service.In the same way that it would a postman, ‘good-Bye’ to you ensures that you will never access the contents of your email. Will also warns that you may, when you try to access the service, Google throws a warning that says that the app is not verified.Apparently, according to this service, after the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and the security gap that resulted in Google asking to all applications that interact with their products that is subject to evaluation security or will be marked as ‘not verified’. “Something reasonable until they mentioned that the evaluation must be conducted by one of the three providers of assessments chosen by Google, and that it costs between 15,000 and 75,000 dollars by the application”, say from ‘good-Bye’.
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Say ‘Goodbye’ to interruptions: so is the postman digital to Gmail, which arrives three times a day
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January 17, 2020

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