ScreenshotGo, the new app from Mozilla to manage the screen shots in Android

ScreenshotGo, the new app from Mozilla to manage the screen shots on the Android

Mozilla, although we tend to associate immediately with Firefoxhas other applications away from your browser that can be downloaded on Android. One of the latest additions was Firefox Send, his particular interpretation of WeTansfer, and now adds a new focus to the screen shots and its management: ScreenshotGo.

Was launched this week in the form of beta and goes beyond a simple repository of screenshots for deletion of a single time. ScreenshotGo allows you to sort the screenshots in different categories (categories that we can create to pleasure) and to copy the text content. Let’s see how it works.

screenshots, now better ordered

Screenshotgo 1 From the application we can order the photos in different folders.

ScreenshotGo analyzes the internal memory of the mobile for all screen shots that we have done, why you need permission to access the internal storage. When found, the gets all in a folder within the application called “Unsorted”. If you want to find one, with total security will be there.

If you enter that folder, you’ll be able to select all the shots you want and view them, or move them to another folder to make them more organized. For example, you can create a folder called “Brawl Stars” and put there the corresponding, other so-called “Victories epic” for the games Fortnite or “Catch-of-WhatsApp” to those conversations that you don’t want to lose.

you Can create as many folders as you want to keep the screenshots to a safe place

This you can do it in batch, or using the “GO” button of the app. When you launch the application it will ask if you want to turn on a little button blue for that, when you press the button, capture what is on the screen and can send the capture to one of the folders that you’ve created or that you think at the time, so that you will have the security of not to be lost among all the photos that go by with the passing of the days.

Screenshot Go 2 ScreenshotGo is able to detect text in the images, which serves to enhance a search engine catches based on keywords.

But without a doubt, the most interesting thing is that ScreenshotGo is able to analyze and interpret the text catch. This serves for two things. The first, to find screen captures using key words. For example, above you can how to write a “Google Maps”, the app returns you to the screen capture of this article. The same can be done with conversations of WhatsApp.

The search engine allows you to find screen captures using key words

The second is for copy and paste the text catch. To do this, when you open a capture, click on the button marked above and ScreenshotGo you will mark the areas of text that you discover. When you select any of them, you can copy that text and paste it into any other application. It works really well and can be quite useful in some situations.

ScreenshotGo is available only for Android and, for the moment, in beta. You can download it completely free and, at least during our tests, we have not had any problems from falls or crashes. It is unknown if the company plans to release it also on iOS.



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ScreenshotGo, the new app from Mozilla to manage the screen shots in Android
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May 26, 2019

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