Sean Murray: ‘No Man Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer experience’

. The head of game explains concepts
Sean Murray , head of Hello Games , wanted to explain via Twitter certain aspects of no Man’s Sky a few days of its release in PlayStation 4 -day August 10 – PC 12 -day same month-

‘There you to try to approach the game from a multiplayer perspective’

After the doubts and questions from several fans, Sean Murray of Hello Games has been clear: no Man Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please do not you to try to address from that kind of experience “.

” It is a multiplayer game. You do not abordéis well. The chances of two players are are almost nil “

In a series of tweets, Murray adds more information, specifying that” possibilities of encounter between two players in a universe as large as that of No Man’s Sky are virtually null “, something that will only happen if two users choose share coordinates . However, from Hello Games if you qualify that “ No Man’s Sky itself will have some elements online and a number of eggs that will allow you to check that everything is develops the same universe. “

a universe to explore


No Man’s Sky has detailed changes your patch release, offer a whole universe to explore, where you have to survive, trade or fight between planets, galaxies and satellites
 Sean Murray: 'no Man Man's Sky is not a multiplayer experience'

Sean Murray: ‘No Man Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer experience’
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