Seven alternative applications to continue listening to Grooveshark music

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This week we saw how Grooveshark , one of the music services most popular and controversial streaming, missed the closing. The industry has evolved since they entered the business hasta the point that there is no room for them . Or if? There are still a few similar services that not only survive but are doing very well.

You may Grooveshark no I had a great application for Android but the service had enough followers. This service is dead but there are few other free alternatives that are worth keeping an eye and no, we are not talking about using mobile with Spotify in free mode and announcements between songs. Come up with such alternatives to continue listening to online music



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Of all radio applications is in Android, 8tracks is one of the most attractive options. Its service is based on a lot of playlists created by users with all kinds of themes and environments imaginable. It works well, has a wide range and the interface is well cared for without frustrate us to use.

The only noticeable downside that has, in my opinion, is that despite mp3 quality is good , the connection is slow and sometimes may suffer cuts while listening issues. Removing that has uno of the most interesting approaches in that type of application. Of course it is free.



Many know this application as Chinese Spotify and the truth is that the comparison is very apt. It has a wide, well-ordered and themes from different eras music catalog. In addition, the application is one of the best of its kind. Well designed, easy to use, friendly … There is only one but

NetEase not distributed in Google Play so you must install the apk manually and yes it is in Chinese. Do not worry, is a very active community around responsible for making translations. They are usually one or two versions behind us but we will not lose anything serious. It is free and, in my opinion, the best alternative to Grooveshark



Among the many applications available online radios, Jango is less known than Slack, or I Heart Pandora Radio but not a option that we should consider. It is an application that works very well, has a good catalog and lists for topics that automatically generates are not all bad , sometimes they could tune a little more.

The only Jango paste having is that in recent months have made some unwise decisions something like remove controls the lock screen , which at this point surprising since all music players have this option . It’s worth giving a try as much as the other apps of this style there.

Google Music


Okay, we said we would not talk of Spotify free mode with your ads but said nothing of Google Play Music . This service works really well and provides the ability to upload songs is great. It also has a very well prepared and with many application options, such as send music to Chromecast , which places great value.

The only downside to Google Play Music is that if we want to make the most, we will play to pay . Eye, there is nothing wrong with that but remember that the list is not about free services and conditions of payment if any. Good service and a great alternative to the king of streaming music. Spotify



If the design does not convince you 8tracks but the service and its contents yes, then InfiniTracks It is the application that you are looking for. This is an application capable of accessing this library and play content. The only difference is in the interface design, this application is much prettier and resultona. Of course, still have to polish some failures.


TuneInRadio offers something different from the other services that we have seen. With it, we can play music from thousands of stations worldwide. Has classic format but one of the most powerful applications. The problem is that being within traditional type model can not control the content as well and until we find music we love can take a while to locate it.



One of the latest applications to join this singular niche. Hace time we talk you out of it as an option that could combine SoundCloud and YouTube to create thematic radios, gender or even artists. The idea is very good but lacks much polish as the integration of the videos in the app leaves a bit to be desired and is not as good as in the official YouTube app.

We also need to polish some aspects of design but has the potential to in the future be a good option always is installed in our Android. Options, you see, we have a lot to listen to music for free with your mobile or tablet. If you do not know any, I recommend that you begin by NetEase

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Seven alternative applications to continue listening to Grooveshark music
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May 9, 2015

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