Sex and Android, today Kamasutra premium

today kamasutra sex android premium 1 Sex and Android, today premium Kamasutra

Within the app store Android , the Play Store or the old Market , find applications all tastes and colors, this is where this sensational and curious application that you will spend a pleasant and enjoyable moments with your partner.

Kamasutra premium is a free application with which to take, so comfortable in our Android Smartphone all Kamasutra postures , the reference book to continue to exercise the sex in a different way and get away from the monotony and daily routine.

today kamasutra sex android 2 Sex and Android premium, premium today Kamasutra

Application Features

Totally free premium version

  • Numerous positions Kamasutra Book Original
  • classified and organized by topic.
  • Possibility to qualify

  • posture.
  • Detailed images and elegant.
  • Control and monitoring of progress.
  • option positions random.
  • Requires Android 2.1 or higher.
  • , is the option to choose at random positions, and finding you the surprise and uncertainty of the position to be adopted, which gives much morbidity and breaks filled with the routine.

    Definitely a more than recommendable for sex and fun in a different way every day and not fall into the monotony from here I catch you here I’ll kill you .

    android today kamasutra sex 3 Sex and Android premium, premium today Kamasutra

    More – Android is to watch porn, I said Steve Jobs, as we tell you

    Download – Kamasutra premium

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