‘Sex Tape. Something happens in the cloud ‘: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, an iPad and a few naked


  • Both portray a consolidated marriage with a tablet decides to record an erotic home video as a remedy to his faint passion.
  • Both repeat together after ‘Bad . Teacher ‘
  • Diaz takes a few comedies on the big screen behind him; Segel is popular mainly for ‘How I Met Your Mother’.
  • Watch trailers of upcoming movies .

 'Sex Tape. cloud Just Happened'

Cameron Diaz is immersed in presenting Sex Tape. Something happens in the cloud , a comedy in which rogue uncovers its side, having to appear naked, a situation that accepts if “I make people laugh.”

In the film, which will premiere on July 25 in Spain, gives life, along with his co-star Jason Segel , Jay and Annie, a marriage consolidated after ten years of marriage and two children in common with a tablet decides to record erotic home video as a possible remedy for faint trace their passion.

Cameron Diaz says that despite this script risque , in” the are bare minimum , is not too much, and have worked with a very friendly team. “

The actress says she is” very grateful to be a person who makes people laugh “and for this purpose” there is nothing that is not willing to do, “while asserting that the secret comedy ” lies in being honest. “

A failure novice and public erotic video

In the film, proposes marriage practice before the camera marathon sexual positions illustrated book sex pleasure , which lead them to erotic play with different objects and most acrobatic positions.

But, inexperienced in digital ‘cloud’, the latest technology plays a trick on them. So, I had to be just the private memory a wild night and exhausting, becomes a film public access which requires the couple panicked, to launch a search and seizure of the tape, to save his reputation and even his marriage.

“When you have a long time ago a couple, can fall into routine , and the idea of ​​wanting to reinvent your sexual life is something that can be a little difficult and even clumsy, “said Segel, known, among others, for his role in the famous American sitcom How I Met Your Mother .

Referring to these racy scenes, Segel, who repeated after Diaz film Bad Teacher , has stated that when One “most concerned of their nakedness is uncomfortable when shooting becomes”, to which he added the importance of getting along with the cast, in this case with Diaz, with whom, as explained, have hampered a great friendship.

Rob Lowe, secondary eternal

The American artist Rob Lowe , supporting actor in the film and plays a businessman with a split personality, has said that the film has already surprised the American public, “who could not believe what they were seeing,” because, although the tape does not show full nudity, “in terms of sex is very modest U.S. “.


‘Sex Tape. Something happens in the cloud ‘: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, an iPad and a few naked
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June 22, 2014

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