Sheets and Slides Google added support for exporting in more formats


Gradually the line between office suites for PC and mobile versions becomes more blurred. At the end of the day, while Office roughly every two years updated, Google Sheets, Docs and Slides do not stop incorporate minor improvements here and there.

In the last update, now available on Google Play, the star is the support for more formats , specifically when exporting. Google Sheets can now be exported as HTML, CSV and TSV , while Google Slides includes support for export JPG, PNG and SVG

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easier to take your data to other applications

it is understandable that some developers are reluctant to add more options to export your data than necessary. At the end of the day, it gives the user a door to take your document and continue editing in another editor competition. This update to the Google Drive suite however you put it somewhat easier.

Google Sheets , the spreadsheet Google, could now export your leaves in the two most common formats: Excel for editing and PDF to see it, but missing two other classics tabulated data , CSV and TSV. If you want to export your sheets to any of these formats, now you do not need any additional steps apart from the Save and Export menu. A list is also added to the HTML format for save the worksheet as a Web page .

Spreadsheets Google

Spreadsheets Google

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Meanwhile, Google Slides , the “Powerpoint” Google, could now export presentations in PPTX, PDF and TXT format, but now includes three image formats so you do not have to make screenshots. JPG, PNG and SVG

Google Presentations

Google Presentations

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These changes are already expanding to all users with a deployment period estimated just over 3 days until it reaches all

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Sheets and Slides Google added support for exporting in more formats
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March 24, 2016

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