Sicksky Launcher: The simplest and stylish Holo

Sicksky Launcher: The simplest and stylish Holo

As I always say when I talk about Launchers, practically there is one for every Android user. There's a mounted ...

As I always say when I talk about Launchers, practically there is one for every Android user. There’s a mounted ecosystem of applications, widgets and launchers themselves is really to remove his hat. However much one wants to permit their classification is a daunting task given the amount of customizations so brutal. And I always say, the Android personalization reaches extreme levels. Everything depends on user type and requirements.

But everything is taken Android, and if you are one of those users who like to have something nice, but do not want to burn the eyebrows during hours in front of the screen to get a different look on your machine, there are also alternatives. As Sicksky Launcher, one of those launchers that simply ooze everywhere but have a flawless look that fits well if you do not want to fumble to set up things and go crazy.

Once installed, your desktop will turn into three panels by which we navigate and enjoy shortcuts, information varied and all with a very Holo style, minimalist and elegant enough. The only catch we can put is that the launcher does not support Widgets therefore lose some customization at this point. But if you’re not too picky or do not usually use , not a problem.

If you have calendar and weather information on these panels, in addition to access to the applications that we can organize ourselves. As you can see not overly complicated and is quite limited in terms of customization, but as we warned at the beginning is a Launcher with which to enjoy a different look without complicate life too. Given that is still in beta perhaps with better comments and touches adding new features.

Anyway, still an excellent alternative for those who are not so fans of personalization to the smallest detail, but we have something a little different on our phones. And you, what you want to try?

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