Sitges 2019: ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’. A dark and wonderful film about love and the pain

Sitges 2019: 'Dogs Don't Wear Pants'. A dark and wonderful film about love and pain

If something makes it to Sitges an event so special, that is the capacity to astound the respectable with a selection of feature films of the most eclectic and, why not say, risky. A variety that allows us to year after year, between sessions delivered to the revelry and to the collective experience, discover small jewelry can melt hearts of the most grotesque imaginable.

This 52 edition, the first great surprise, entitled ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’, has not been made wait, landing on the first day of festival in the charming cine Prado after raze —more than deservedly— in the Fantastic Fest with a proposal for the most peculiar, that is its great virtue in cocktail generic mid-way between the drama, the black comedy and the romance hotter and twisted.

A “feel good (and bad at the same time) movie”

During their magnificent and very tight 105 minutes of footage, ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’ do not be afraid in combining a playful nature and complicity with the viewer —laughter, some nervous, are secured— with a density-themed delves into concepts such as the duel or the thin line that separates love and the emotional stability of the pain, all this diving into the unknown world of the bdsm

If the new J-P Valkeapää manage to break through to the heart, leaving a mark, and a sweet sensation on the palate once it concludes its cloudy and gloomy story, it is thanks to the main couple so round on the paper, as transferred to the screen. is Juha and Mona, slave and dominatrix, both broken and tormented, sweat humanity, warmth and a need for affection which, in combination with the superb interpretations of Pekka Strang and Krista Kosonen, is translated in an empathy and understanding snapshots.


The splendid direction the filmmaker, Finnish, with a tempo dilated in no hurry whatsoever to advance the narrative without providing the sufficient time to their characters and with that delicate and convoluted tone of the productions of the north, end of round one of those rarities that frame and claim as one of the greatest tapes in 2019 that does not appear in lists of the end of the year.

‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’ is steamy, sexy, visually striking and artistically faultless. A true delight that grabs you by the neck and you are choking with its dense atmosphere and its jugueteos with the genre while you whispers in your ear that everything will be ok and that is there room for love when everything seems to be lost. A “feel good —and bad at the same time— movie” in every rule.

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Sitges 2019: ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’. A dark and wonderful film about love and the pain
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October 4, 2019

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