SkySafari 6 comes to Android: the app for astronomy lovers with the biggest database of the space

Sky Safari 6

Sky Safari is considered, from does years, the application astronomy complete that we can have in the mobile. Not only has access to a huge database, but allows us to meet all sorts of stars, the accuracy level is very high and even includes the possibility to remotely control the telescope.

Now, after a few months that the iOS version is already available, finally lands on Android Sky Safari 6, the new version of the application of astronomy that comes with the mentioned control of the telescope, simulations more accurate, a remarkable increase of the base data and charts of the solar system as other sets planetary.

We are looking at a paid app with a Plus version for 8,49 euros and another Pro version with a price of 20,99 eur. A price level that is maintained with respect to the previous versions of the application. It is important to note that if you pay for one after we will not be able to access the other with a rebate since the price is independent. Let’s see what it offers us each one.

A database of the space almost professional in the mobile

Sky Safari 6 Capture

Sky Safari 6 is an application in which you’ll find graphics, images and information from space, stars, constellations, planets and many more celestial bodies related to space. A huge database that is updated every certain time. In addition to this, offers a simulator that allows you to go back or forward for up to 10,000 years and see how it would change the sky and what events will occur.

The application allows you to control the telescope, plan the observations and provides tools for augmented reality. We also have a Galaxy mode View in which we can see through the application objects deep in space. But these are options that we already had in previous versions and simply to have outlined its use.

In the new version of Sky Safari 6 adds the option of save to cloud and multi-device all our comments and access them from the page In fact, one of the goals of Sky Safari is to thank the observers and for this reason has redesigned the application to settings such as sites of observation and recommendations of hours to use the telescope are more visible.

Sky Safari 6 Android

it has Also added a scheduler and options of graphs to represent altitudes, and objects on the horizon. We may even be able to use the accelerometer of the mobile to properly adjust the telescope.

But without a doubt the main new feature and reason for the difference is the Plus version of the Pro is the huge data base. The Plus version has more than 2.5 million different stars, 30,000 objects in the sky and more than 5,000 asteroids. But the Pro version goes beyond that. You use the database UCAC5 Star with nearly 30 million stars, three million Galaxies, nearly 750,000 asteroids and images in high resolution.

If you are looking for an application of astronomy, or were waiting for, is now available for download from Google Play the new version of Sky Safari.

SkySafari 6 Pro

SkySafari 6 Pro

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SkySafari 6 comes to Android: the app for astronomy lovers with the biggest database of the space
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September 7, 2018

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