‘Small matches’: the romantic comedy of Antena 3, and Amazon shares signs of identity with ‘Gym Tony’

'Small matches': the romantic comedy of Antena 3, and Amazon shares signs of identity with 'Gym Tony'

Starts September, and with it the chains of Spanish television are beginning to take their first releases. On this occasion turn to speak of ‘Small coincidences‘, a creation of Javier Veiga and as you could see on Amazon Prime Video in the past month of December thanks to the agreement between the platform and Atresmedia.

it Is funny how watching one of the promos that Antenna 3 has been dedicated to the promotion of the premiere tonight of this new series, one does not know exactly what is going to find. As soon as they put a promo which made it clear that we were facing a romantic comedy, like others in the dealing, both in the drama that seemed to be a tragedy of spending an entire pack of tissues in each episode.

I have to say that something tragedy it is, but not a deliberate. And, looking back to what is behind the series, nor do I have missed. Because just knowing that the person responsible has previously created ‘Gym Tony’ should give us a clue about the level of humor we’re going to find.

Two players with the same destination

Javier Veigas and Marta Hazas interpreted to Javi and Marta, two strangers that the circumstances of life make that both have a desire to have a child. So you will count with the help of their relatives to develop a plan to meet the ideal partner with which to achieve this noble objective, taking place throughout the episodes, these “little coincidences” that give title to the series of eight episodes.

Matches own of two people with life more or less “made” you are going along parallel paths but you seem, in principle, doomed to never be found ever. Through them we see what is intended to be a discussion on how to see the maternity/paternity and love in modern times.

Small Matches 2

And I have not spoken as yet, that which pushes the protagonists to search for this child, are the paths apparitions “spiritual” of the future children of the protagonists, giving a new dynamic to the protagonists. Of course, all of this falls in water of borage by the fault of a humour silly and stereotyped, as it could not be of another form having a Veiga behind the series.

The comedy is populated by a number of side created under the guidelines of a manual of comedy obsolete: the best gay friend, the friend party, the brother divorced that you plant at home… and, taking into account that barely has an actor or actress is decent (Mariano Peña as much), the result is not good. 

In what little they can to highlight ‘Small ‘ coincidences’ is that it looks good at photography and that the address is very effective at the time of telling the story. In addition, the episodes of fifty minutes it plays much more to his favor as one might think. Even so, does it cost to enter fairly in the proposal from Amazon and Atresmedia.

As a romantic comedy and on the paper, ‘Small matches’ is simple and not looking for complications beyond to tell the story of Javi and Marta. However, what we find on the screen is a series that seems dignified heiress of ‘Gym Tony’ because it seems made with the same template of jokes and with the same ambition interpretative (and, in fact, share some other actor). A festival of clichés, stereotypes, and situations silly that stain the love story of the protagonists.

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‘Small matches’: the romantic comedy of Antena 3, and Amazon shares signs of identity with ‘Gym Tony’
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