Smart people have one thing in common

Smart people have one thing in common

No, not use hipster glasses. In this safe time you've read in several places that smart people tend to sleep...

No, not use hipster glasses.

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In this safe time you’ve read in several places that smart people tend to sleep later than the other. Insurance’ve seen more than one strut to death because he loves going to sleep at dawn every day and therefore should have a higher IQ than those who go to bed before midnight.

origin of all this takes place in a hypothesis put forward by the evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa called the “Savanna Principle“. This says that the ancestral human behavior that we inherited from the first human intelligent can cause problems in a modern post-industrial environment. For example, the ancestral human who wanted sugar rich foods lived longer than those who do not, since they were relatively scarce food. Currently this type of temptations lead to obesity or cardiovascular disease.

Kanazawa has used the “Savanna Principle” to explain different types of correlations between health and IQ. And, up to formulate theories that explain why the beautiful people have more daughters. Kanazawa’s work has been highly controversial and has earned him many critics in the field of evolutionary psychology. Many consider their incorrect assumptions, flawed and, in general, bad science. Even it has been banned from publishing in some scientific journals. However Kanazawa believes that most of the scorn of many of his colleagues because his publications are politically incorrect. Saying things like that African countries suffer from poverty and chronic diseases because their IQs are lower, or that black women are “objectively less attractive” than those of other races, they did lose many friends in your field. Despite this, many other scientists defend the work of Kanazawa, and still respected publications in various circles.

Why are night owls are smarter


night owls are more intelligent is an article published by Satoshi Kanazawa academic publishing company Elsevier in 2009. In this paper Kanazawa uses the Savanna Principle and its associated hypothesis back to the IQ, to try to explain as the most intelligent individuals have increased susceptibility to acquiring and expressing new behaviors and preferences that those less intelligent. In a previous study by the same Kanazawa, use the same principle to determine that more intelligent individuals are more likely to be liberals, atheists and appreciate more the exclusivity of a sexual partner than their peers with lower IQ.

The smartest people are more predisposed to prefer different things and express new behaviors

Even going against an individual’s genetic predisposition can challenge preferences of their ancestors and choose opposed to establishing our circadian behavior.

Almost all species in nature, from unicellular organisms to mammals, we are biologically governed by a cycle of activity called “circadian rhythm “. This internal biological clock that everyone, not only regulates autonomic functions of our body, but determines sleep patterns and feeding. It is what it tells us we have to sleep at night and be awake during the day.

Humans, unlike other species, have the ability to override our internal biological clock consciously. Although our genetics and inherited the same circadian rhythm of our ancestors, people can choose what time to get up and what time falling asleep. Humans are basically a diurnal species. In the past we relied heavily on vision to navigate, because we can not see at night like other species, we had no artificial light and fire before dominating the night we were easy prey for predators. People woke up as early as possible to get as much natural light to work and was going to rest when it was dark.

A smart people makes it easier to try new things


hipótesis Savanna principle states that less intelligent individuals will have greater difficulty to understand and deal with new situations that did not exist in the ancestral environment. That is, an individual with higher IQ will make it easier to change your sleep habits in the modern world going against behaviors and circadian rhythms that we inherited from our ancestors.

That is, that The more intelligent a people, according to Satoshi, easier it is to understand and embrace new ideas and lifestyles, because it would be difficult enough for an individual preference or value something he can not understand. To me, that part sounds immensely acceptable.

Those who defy the trend and values ​​are often novel who invent new things and explore the world with different eyes. This is more apt to make new discoveries and people defying authority. They are people who wake maintained when the world tells them that it’s bedtime, and tend to have more ideas, for the night is a lull and not have to deal with the rest society interrupting your thoughts and daydreaming avoiding you.

So, stay awake after midnight by simple preference or pleasure, probably makes you a more open-minded person and makes you have more new ideas.


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