Snapdragon 820 can be seen in Antutu: a beast capable of taking more than 130,000 points

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With 2015 almost finished, all technology companies look to next year. Some like Qualcomm 2016 eager face and leave behind the poor performance of recent months. Their main weapon to keep convincing us that are relevant manufacturer called Snapdragon 820.

The 820 is chosen to relieve the questioned 810. More power, new architecture and the use of own kernels are their main weapons to compete with Apple, Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek. Fellow Engadget Mexico ya have had the opportunity to test a prototype the benchmark data we have demonstrated that come stomping

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A day of publication of this article still no Snapdragon announced any device 820. The tests performed by our colleagues across the Atlantic have been conducted with a prototype that to our knowledge was not fully optimized and their task was simply display capabilities This new processor.

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So were the major processors in the sector until has appeared the Snapdragon 820.

As we saw a few days ago, las Antutu scores have changed in version 6.0 now gives more importance to the performance of the GPU in the final score and less CPU tests. This has caused many processors notes inflate A9 leaving Apple as the most powerful SoC to date.

That honor will be short because the Snapdragon 820 Antutu has shown that its performance is superior chip to Apple and other recent SoCs as the Kirin 950 to debut soon in the Huawei Ascend Mate 8. The Samsung Exynos 7 also lags behind the newest of Qualcomm.

The numbers (those 131,000 points) are spectacular but bear in mind that ‘re talking about a future processor, specifically which it is expected to be the reference chip next year. It is normal in synthetic benchmarks score above SoCs 2015, otherwise it would be worrying.

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What’s new in this Snapdragon 820?

From year to year always asked for more power to the processor and the Snapdragon 820 here does not disappoint. According to Qualcomm, the performance of the new CPU architecture pays twice as well the 810 Goodbye and hello to ARM cores own construction: Kryo. Recall that Qualcomm is not the only one who has decided to go this route, for example Apple has done very well.

For the GPU opt for Adreno 530, according to Qualcomm, graphics power increases by 40% respect to the generation of 2015. Promising data that are seen in the benchmark which our fellow Engadget Mexico have done. Connectivity promises speeds of 600 mbps. Attractive figures but away from the numbers that give the most connections today. Cat 12 sounds great but it will be difficult to squeeze the raw speed.

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If you need to read a pair of analysis Previous to see what the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will bring you recommend Raul prints Engadget Mexico and reportage Anantech. What we have seen so far is only an approximation because it is not the end devices but prototypes

The conclusions that have been out so far are positive. 820 is a step up from the generation above and it seems that will convince manufacturers of top-end phones. Be resolved some important questions though: What about temperature how will the actual performance on a day to day? We will see at the beginning of the year when they reach the first Android with this processor

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