Snapkeys Beta, a keyboard almost invisible to see what’s behind as you type

increasingly use our mobile devices to write, answer emails, write things down, even writing the odd job Article or written anything longer than a single sentence. Many know that my favorite is SwiftKey keyboard , but I’m always willing to try the new ones coming out, and if you add up a new concept, the better. This is very different from the rest, so stay focused to understand, it is not easy.

Snapkeys, the keyboard “invisible”

Well, it really is not invisible, but almost, and it brings a different concept to what we are used to. This keyboard consists only of 4 keys , located in what would come to be the corners of a regular keyboard. Each of these keys consists of a vowel and two consonants, the most used to write most words.

In addition, we also have these other 4 characters more, we see in the corners of these keys, but much smaller, that would be the “least” used. Its operation is fairly simple, but requires a prior learning: Let pressing key point where we want to add (something like the old keyboards with predictive T9), and if we explicitly write one, although only the they are small, holding down on the button and select. But still, we are missing letters. Where are they? Basically, they are not.

If you want to introduce some of those letters, simply press the middle (where there is nothing) , continue writing the other letters, and the keyboard will predict the word you want to write. As you can see, is a somewhat peculiar form of writing, especially when the letters are not arranged as on a conventional keyboard (QWERTY in our case), and are placed in a seemingly random .

If we add a space, this is right at all, and the delete key character to the left. If you hold down the space or reverse extra actions as we move from upper to lower case, line breaks, special characters, etc. . And if we keep in the center, we are able to select the text (full or part), copy, cut, paste … something interesting. Also see that on the right and left (above the keys) are predictions , if we want to select a different one.

Do not know if you remember some other keyboard that had a very special form of writing called MessagEase (which we gave a very interesting article ), but this is much like that idea. According to its developers, once you get used can write much faster than with a conventional keyboard , but has a learning time and practice to use it naturally. But if you already did with SMS, then return to the keyboard “traditional” does not have to be so hard . Furthermore, its creators stress that screen mobile or tablet, due to their small size, should have another way to write to get more space.

The truth is very interesting that this form of writing, and originality, as opening the keyboard, it moves across the screen as usual, but it is superimposed, showing only 4 keys and leaving the central space invisible but both useful. paste, a part of this learning not simple, is that so far is only in English , but there are several languages ​​on the way, and we can choose from their website at the time of download which languages ​​we care more .

So you know, you can not stop and we try comentaís your opinions, it’s always interesting to see how it received such ideas among the users.

SI SnapKeys Download Beta from their website

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Snapkeys Beta, a keyboard almost invisible to see what’s behind as you type
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December 19, 2012

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