Snowball, an interesting alternative to the Android notification center

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Lollipop introduced many new features in in the notification system Android . More comfort to read and dispatch them if we are not interested. In fact, Google has always made an effort to make this part of the operating system to be useful and productive. However, they have also allowed other developers to create their own solutions.

You usually always see systems notifications to changes that make mobile manufacturers but there is also Developers creating applications that can modify this element in any mobile or tablet. Snowball had drawn his own message center and we have been testing


More rich but need to improve

This morning to catch the moving half morning had Eight different notifications in the top bar: WhatsApp messages, mail, notices Slack, social network notifications … Of that number, probably it was only an urgent, the rest were secondary and They could wait a bit. Snowball wants to fix that with your system and that we give priority to what is really important.

Thus, notifications can be classified as priority and secondary . Snowball is responsible for making the selection of previous form but then we which can be set to select which really are important and which are not. We just have to slide your finger right on each message to get different ads

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Android has long allowed could make quick interactions from notifications (Reply and Archiving emails in Gmail, for example) and this is not lost in Snowball. In fact, we see that some new appear to us, even with connections with other applications which can be very useful, as linking calendar appointments with quick access to Google Maps.

hides many tricks Snowball , for example, let us see a page with a link if a mail message has a URL within for example. Perhaps the only thing I dislike is that the chips are rather large and very mobile resolution (I have done testing on a Xperia Z3) are immense, there are no possibility to change it.

As a third-party application and not be integrated into the ROM, we may see some small anomalies such that the bar does not bear Snowball on the unlock screen. If you want to try something different, you have many virtues but if you really want to be an application that will conquer us, still has things to improve and polish a bit the design of the cards.

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Snowball, an interesting alternative to the Android notification center
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July 30, 2015

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