So is Canva, design platform which has conquered the hearts of millions of users

Canva is a platform design who was born in 2013 from the hand of the young Melanie Perkins. Seven years later, this portal is a company that competes with the giants of the tech world and is valued at 3.2 billion dollars, when Perkins one of the founders of ‘unicorn technology’ more young people of the world.Back in 2006, Perkins and that would be the co-founder of Canva and her current fiance, Cliff Obrecht, give classes to other University students about design. All of them returned in the same feedback: that the platforms that offer Microsoft or Adobe to design were extremely complicated.“That people would have to spend an entire semester learning where the buttons in the programs it was ridiculous,” says Perkins in an interview on CNBC. So, with the simplicity and accessibility in mind, began to take shape, the germ of Canva, which today has helped to create near 2 billion designs in 190 different countries.The co-founder of Canva -e icon ‘tech’ in Australia– has been named to the list of the main founders under 30 years of the decade Forbes, with figures such as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, and the co-founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.What is Canva? A portal that seeks to make accessible design, especially to those who do not have extensive knowledge prior on the subject.From presentations for your work to design images ‘resultonas’ for social networking: Canva offers hundreds of free templates to ‘design’ with the best results. It also features with free resources such as images, fonts and icons to use in your designs.In Canva is created more than 3,000 designs per minute, which represents more than 130 million per month, or more than 1.5 billion each year.
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So is Canva, design platform which has conquered the hearts of millions of users
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January 13, 2020

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