So is the Motorola One, called to face up to the Mi from Xiaomi

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Already a couple of months that we have been hearing echoes of a Motorola with Android One, the Motorola One Power, it is not a single terminal, but the member of a new family of phones with software direct from the hand of Google.

Repeating the formula that seems to be working at Xiaomi with his line My To, or rediscovering the path you started to walk when arrancaran their most basic phones, the Moto G.

while the images you already have for some time been circulating on the network, now appear traces of this phone that they point to their possible specifications established mid-range current: Snapdragon 625 and 4 GB of RAM. It is possible, yes, that has versions with different amounts of memory.

Something less ambitious than the Xiaomi Mi A2 (that fits a Snapdragon 660, significantly higher though in the same range), but perhaps it will help you to lower your price to the tranche prices of the My A1 or My A2 lite.

we See a design very similar to the one submitted today Motorola P30, with ‘notch’, screen format and elongated configuration of dual camera. But more similar still to the new P30 is the Motorola One Power, that will share more design elements, and the same processor to something higher, the Snapdragon 636. In addition, of course, a battery still more.

there is Still time for Motorola to announce a presentation of face-to-fair of consumer technology, which begins on the last day of this month, the world famous IFA in Berlin. Do we see you there?

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In Xataka Android | Motorola One Power: re-filtered the technical specifications of the new Android One Motorola

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So is the Motorola One, called to face up to the Mi from Xiaomi
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August 16, 2018

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