So is the Samsung Focus, the ‘Outlook’ of Samsung


as far as software is concerned, Samsung is not very stable. Touchwiz it is not layer of customization preferred by the masses, while their software ‘companion’ for PC is quite acceptable. In Android applications own non-missing, and now they have a more, Samsung Focus, a productivity app, something more ambitious than what we are accustomed, as you try to become the Outlook of Samsung.

it Is an open secret that, for years, Samsung has been trying to make you jump through hoops to use their services and their cloud, from save the notes in S Note on the Samsung account to use ChatOn to chat. The tactic may not have worked too well, and the new Samsung Focus is agnostic: works with any account Exchange Activesync, POP3 or IMAP.

Cards ‘to Inbox’

The Gmail client Inbox has not gotten off the ground too much among the masses, and that does not mean it is better or worse, and much less the main idea of separating the grain from the chaff in your mail is a bad idea. Samsung Focus takes on the mantle of Inbox, and mix it with a few drops of Google Now to show you information cards.

By now the cards are not too smart, which is good and bad at the same time. While in the Inbox of Google you must trust in the intelligence of Google to highlight what is important, in Samsung Focus cards are based on simple terms and predictable. If they are met, are displayed, if not, not.


And what are the concrete conditions that will be highlighted in the cards? You can check and turn on and off manually from the options menu / custom cards, and are the following:

  • today’s Events
  • Tasks
  • meeting Requests
  • Mail priority
  • Mails with key words

A mail client acceptable

the Samsung Focus connects without problems to Exchange e-mail accounts or Gmail. Of course, one of the main features of Samsung Focus is precisely the management of the e-mail. The appearance general does not differ too much from the e-mail application pre-installed in the mobile Samsung.

The look is nice and clean, agile, although if you make an extensive use of the folders (or labels), the access is a bit cumbersome as you have to use the drop-down menu, not too well designed, with horizontal and vertical scrolling.


it Is curious (to respond to messages, by default, limited to a line and suitable for both to write short answers of the type “Ok”, “ok” or “I reply then”. The box can be maximize to write longer messages using a button. Yes, during the composition of the message, you cannot format the text in any way: the only thing you can do is to include file attachments.

integrated Calendar (Google, take note)

it Is curious that Samsung Focus to integrate the Google calendar better than the Google itself. Well, to tell you the truth is that neither Gmail or Inbox to get in lios: if you want to calendars, you install another application separately, these are only for mail.

Samsung Focus, as a good apprentice of Outlook, also includes calendars in your application, which in this case takes the sync in the available, that is to say in the majority of cases of Google Calendar, although also Samsung or Exchange.


The integration of the calendars of the devices is quite accomplished, with support for recurring events, availability, locations on the map and related items to each other as Tasks, Events and Notes.


Samsung seem to be proud of its notes application, S Note, but at the time of entering the notes in the Samsung Focus have chosen to include a most basic function without the need of other applications.


Here the notes do not have to-do lists, formatting, images, or anything like that. Are plain text and plain, no frills and no backup or synchronization in the cloud. Maybe not suitable to save the notes from your last novel, but rather small notes that are less important.


finally, could not miss also the contacts, another key function of any productivity app. Here Samsung Focus becomes to be the most ready of the class as like in the case of the calendars, it does not attempt to synchronize the contacts for your account, but that is limited to take the contacts that are synchronized on the device.

you can Not add new contacts from within the app, although it does mark them as a priority so that their messages stand out as important. It is also possible to add notes, events and tasks related to each contact. Contactoss

In summary, the Samsung Focus is an application without too many pretensions, but which manages to reuse a lot of information available in different sections of your Android device (contacts, calendars, mail, tasks and notes) in a single application similar to the way Outlook, but occupying nearly half space.

Samsung Focus

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So is the Samsung Focus, the ‘Outlook’ of Samsung
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