So it will be Woven City, the futuristic digital city conceived by Toyota

The futuristic image of the urban environments and plans arouse a powerful curious. Toyota has activated the factor with the eye-catching announcement that in 2021 will start to build Woven City, a digital city for employees, researchers and their families as defined by the connection to new levels, mobility, assistance robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.The japanese company revealed his intentions in the framework of CES, the media international trade fair of consumer technology that takes place these days in Las Vegas (united States). “to Build a whole city from scratch is a unique opportunity to develop future technologies, including an operating system for digital infrastructure. With people, buildings, and vehicles connected to each other through data and sensors, we can test the AI both in the virtual as in the physical and to amplify its potential, ” explained Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation.Woven City, a name alluding to their interconnections (city woven), is located at the foot of mount Fuji and will have around 2,000 inhabitants, a figure composed of active workers and retirees, their families, scientists, partners and visitors.Toyota modulates the profile of industrial district to be thought of as a ‘living laboratory’ in which to develop technologies linked to the mobility, autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart cities and the empowerment of the community, without disregarding factors such as the nature and the health. Your system will work using hydrogen.In the design of this ecosystem focused on the research and the progress it works the company of Danish architecture Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), architect of the Two World Trade Center New York or one of the headquarters of Google.The city-incubator will have three types of pathways intertwined: a single for-speed vehicles, a joint for low speed, personal mobility and pedestrians, and another exclusive for these past and intended for the tranquility, leisure and walks in the park.Toyota claims that the city is 100% sustainable, hence the buildings will be build first with wood, which will be supplemented by robotic devices. The roof will have photovoltaic panels to take advantage of the solar energy which is in addition to that provided by the hydrogen.The transport in Woven City is governed by the vehicles fully autonomous and zero-emission. The homes will include robotics, artificial intelligence and even sensors to monitor and verify the health of the residents.
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So it will be Woven City, the futuristic digital city conceived by Toyota
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January 8, 2020

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