So it would be multi-tasking on Android P, in the style of the iPhone X


a few days Ago Google was slipping in a screen capture of the new navigation bar gesture it is preparing for the next version of Android. Well, now are filtered for new details interface of the Android Q.

it Seems that Google wants to completely revamp the navigation of their mobile operating system for its tenth anniversary, removing the button Recent that brings us to accompany from Android 4.0.


A trusted source of 9to5Google you have already used this new version, and has shared with the world a recreation of the new interface of the multi-tasking Android important details of this new navigation bar.

This new navigation bar changes the radio button next to Start by a sort of shooter more elongated that visually reminds you to the new interface of the iPhone X, but it presents slight differences in their behavior.

the handle is the new Start button, and always visible. (Unless you see a video or game in full-screen). Not hide as in iOS.

When you press on that handle, go to the desktop, as up to now.

The Back button appears only when necessary in the interface. For example, in the desktop will not appear because you cannot go back to another screen.

The absent button Recent is now replaced by the swipe this shooter up. The slide up will appear with a smooth animation open applications. The new interface presents open apps as on iOS, such as a deck of cards, showing finally all the application open and not just a part.

The gesture will simply pull up, as if it were the notification bar but from the bottom up. There will be slide up to the middle of the screen as in iOS.

The navigation bar gesture will continue to occupy space on the screen but it seems to be slightly thinner than the current. At least the Back button is smaller.

it Is possible that this new shooter to have different actions:

  • quick Press: Go to the start (desktop).
  • long Keypress: activate Wizard of Google.
  • Swipe up: See recent apps.

Via | 9to5Google
Xataka Android | Android P could have gesture navigation-style iPhone X, Google released a screen capture

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So it would be multi-tasking on Android P, in the style of the iPhone X
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April 16, 2018

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