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After years of waiting, Netflix It is now available in Spain . From 7,99 euros per month can finally enjoy the leading service subscription series and movies that come to our country with more than acceptable initial catalog.

Netflix opens in Spain with series Netflix original, like “House of Cards”, “Sense8”, “Marco Polo” and “Daredevil” with Spanish series “The ministry of time”, “Elizabeth”, “The time between seams” “Grand Hotel”, “Down there” and “Velvet” American series as “Gotham”, “Arrow,” “Dexter,” “Orphan Black”, “The IT Crowd”, “Suits,” “Californication,” “Gossip Girl, “” Battlestar Galactica, “” Black Mirror “and British series” Luther “and” Sherlock “, to name a few. Also find an extensive catalog of films, documentaries and children’s content


Netflix for Android, its official application

Netflix It supports a variety of devices such as computers, game consoles, phones and tablets, televisions and media players. We can enjoy Netflix from anywhere thanks to our Android devices, but where else can enjoy it from the TV in our living room, and that’s advisable to have a Chromecast or Android TV to use our mobile or tablet as a controller.

The application of Netflix for Android is very easy to use thanks to its simple interface as it has the most basic options needed for this length of service.

User Profiles


The first thing we asked Netflix is to create your user profile. We can create up five profiles . Each user will have their own lists of customized content and suggestions.

Home screen Netflix


In the home screen Netflix will see the series and movies that are currently viewing our list of favorite content, most popular in Netflix, releases and various lists over content categories. In each list you can move horizontally to see the whole list of contents.

Categories and Settings


In the menubar are the categories of Netflix to explore their series, movies and documentary genres. There we find the option to switch profiles and access to the application settings where we can make only the contents by Wi-Fi reproduce and receive notifications with news and new releases.

Netflix Kids, children’s content


Netflix comes standard with the profile Kids , which is a user name created for the smallest of the house only to have access to children Contender Netflix. You can delete. When creating a profile we can make a “Child” option for the user to display the contents suitable for the whole family.

tab content


For Netflix will see a description of each series, its valuation, seasons and chapters. with “+ My list” will mark the content as favorite to then access it quickly from the Home screen.



In the DVD Netflix for Android , along with playback options, find the options change the audio and subtitles , adjust the volume and select another chapter. It also includes an option to reverse playback about 30 seconds, which is very convenient when we have not heard of any scene.




The search engine Netflix allows us to search for movies, series , actors, directors, genres and more with just start writing. Ads appear the results.

Plans Netflix

Plan Price per month Quality Disp. simultaneous
Basic 7.99 euros SD 1
Standard 9.99 euros HD 2
Premium 11.99 euros 4K * 4

* Note: No all content is 4K, most are in HD. Some Netflix own series and some films already have in that format to subscribers of this plan.

Final considerations

The official application Netflix for Android fulfills its mission, in a few seconds we are playing our favorite series thanks to its simplicity. In a few minutes we have explored every nook and application options.

As a recommendation, if we are to enjoy Netflix on our TV, we have to hire at least standard plan of 9.99 euros month.



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So Netflix for Android
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October 20, 2015

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