So Soki, the first electric car manufactured in Chile

So Soki, the first electric car manufactured in Chile

An electric car aimed at the city, made in Chile and at low cost? These are the three characteristics of Soki, a project that could begin to be sold in the second quarter of next year.

Daniel Pavez is a Chilean industrial mechanical engineer who has just introduced the second version his vision of the electric car, a two-seater vehicle focused on the city and aims to solve the problem of pollution, traffic and travel to be light, small and very efficient.

Your business name is Soki Pavez and defines it as the first electric car of Chile having been completely developed by Chilean companies with support from the Corporation of Chile to the development of production, an organization that promotes economic growth.

According to the Pavez own, Soki started as a personal project but eventually became an entire technical challenges in developing a transport mode that provides the same security and comfort than a conventional car but with the agility of a motorcycle and a bicycle efficiency. All this in a cost on top of $ 12,000.

In the coming weeks, Pavez and his team will visit a dozen cities in Chile to promote his invention.

Its range is 60km, enough to fulfill its purpose more than eminently urban transport amount, and it takes about three hours to charge to full in a conventional outlet. With respect to the first version presented a few months ago, Soki is 20% lighter despite being a bit bigger, but the real change lies in security, and that claim is not far from a car.

The overview of Soki is very discreet and confirms that does not serve beyond urban commuters undemanding due to a power of 7 kW, about 10 horses, weighing 400 kilograms and a battery that will hold as much as 5,000 charging cycles.

In my opinion, these solutions not usually come out of the prototype stage, which is Soki, the first electric car developed in Chile, because we want normal cars. The aesthetics of the first electric cars was a big handicap for the pioneering manufacturers in the field and have been polishing it to try to approach the concept vehicle that everyone in the head.

Will success? Only time will tell, but it will be very difficult.


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