So was Die Hard Trilogy, the game is definitive of The Jungle of Glass

In 1996 this game for the first PlayStation and Sega Saturn caused a sensation among fans of Bruce Willis and ‘The jungle of Glass’, with an ambitious action game.

In Spain we know it as the phenomenon of Jungle of Glass, the film saga that became Bruce Willis in a popular action hero, and in the rest of the world as Die Hard. You know how we like to rename things. But what if we told you that there is a Playstation game that included the original trilogy of the movies?

we’re talking Die Hard Trilogy, a beloved action title that was released more than two decades ago, where we proposed to relive the adventures of the fearless John McClane, at the same time that salvábamos christmas, a group of terrorists led by our beloved Alan Rickman.

Launched in December 1996 for the PlayStation, and the following year came also to PC and Sega Saturn.


This ambitious title that recounted the trilogy of movies including three games in one, each based on a movie and a form, genre and style of play completely different from each other.

The first Die Hard, is a shooter in third person: player fight against the terrorists and rescues hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza, the iconic stage where she was the first and legendary film of the saga.

Die Harder occurs as a shooter on-rails, that should do basically the same thing, stopping the plans of the terrorists Dulles airport from the second tape of Jungle of Glass.

And with the last, Die Hard With a Vengeance, we met with a driving game, where we could drive a taxi, a sports car and a garbage truck for the entire city of New York trying to disrupt the explosives that the terrorists had prepared for the entire city.

it Was originally developed by Probe Entertainment, who planned the game to only give the host to only the third film of the saga. In fact, the project started building the house by the roof, and Die with a Vengeance was the first to develop in this trilogy, when it was not yet thought out to recreate the three film. However, Fox Interactive insisted both that will give rise to the entire saga in a video game that in the end ended up becoming the trilogy we know today.

thank you to Fox for this, as it could not be more right with this insistence, and what better the game would not have never come to be even half of what came to be. As a curiosity it should be noted that in Die Harder, the shooter – on-rails, not possessed compatibility with the GunCon Namco, the gun of PlayStation. However, for the version of Sega was compatible with the Virtua Gun officer of Saturn.

Of the three versions obviously the PC version is the best graphic section, since its port to the Saturn was in the final stage of development and without much time to Polish it to the maximum, so that it was a conversion rather poor for machine Sega, with a popping excessive and a framerate very low.

Despite all this, each one of its versions, both of PC, the PlayStation and Sega are perfectly enjoyable end-to-end. And I guarantee that it deserves to give it a chance, to be or not to fans of Jungle of Glass, or Bruce Willis.

The only bad thing is that like so many games based on a license to film there are always problems with the reissues or remastered, and since then he has never gone back to re-edit, so that it is difficult to play currently.

Had sequel

Die Hard Trilogy was a success that sold around 2 million copies, so it had a sequel entitled Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas, which already was not based on any of the movies, and had with a completely original story.

Is launched in the year 2000 for PlayStation and PC developed by N-Space, and although it was not a bad game, lost a large part of the charm of the original, that recreated the movies. Just like the original also alternated between the three genera (shooter in the third person, shooter on the rails and driving), but all mixed together in a single adventure.

Years later, 2003, the saga of movies of Bruce Willis returned to the game with Die Hard: Vendetta for PS2, The GameCube and Xbox, although it had nothing to do with the previous two, and tried to a shooter quite mediocre.

beyond any game for mobile, since the Jungle of Glass has not returned to the video game, can you imagine a new adventure of Die Hard with the current charts? Or a remake of Die Hard Trilogy? The truth is that it would not be bad…

Well that was Die Hard Trilogy, the game is definitive of The Jungle Crystal

So was Die Hard Trilogy, the game is definitive of The Jungle of Glass
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June 22, 2019

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