So will the deletion of messages on WhatsApp, soon available for all

WhatsApp delete

years Ago, we said that WhatsApp was an app that did not add new features. But several months ago continues to improve day after day adding small features such as to send several contacts at once or recent send any file format. Now officially announces a new feature that is sure to be very welcome by most users.

The popular messaging application that will allow users to delete messages already sent and these will disappear for both the sender as well as receiver. Until now when eliminábamos a message, sent this to us would disappear from the conversation, but the other person was still watching him with what its usefulness was rather low.

from now on, when we delete a message sent before you spend five minutes, the user receiver will see a message of “Anulaste this message”. That is to say, the other person will see that we have deleted a message but you do not know that we have said. Once they pass the five minutes, we will not be able to delete the message to the receiver.

Whatsapp delete

This option is available soon in the beta version of Android and you will be able to perform both in groups and chats individual.

How to cancel a sent message on WhatsApp

To delete a message in WhatsApp you should perform the following steps:

  • Type the message you want to delete
  • hold down on the message
  • will appear in the drop-down menu
  • we Chose the option to cancel

By the time this last option does not appear, since it’s still showing the delete button. When it is available to all we will update you with all the details. To be able to test this function we will need all the users (both the sender and the receiver) have the latest version of WhastApp for Android.

yes, beware abusing this new option because, as you tell us WhastApp there are two aspects that we must keep in mind: we will Not be notified if the cancellation has been successful and more importantly, it is possible that the receiver has already read your message before that year after a few seconds, but once removed you will just see the message “This message has been cancelled”.

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So will the deletion of messages on WhatsApp, soon available for all
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June 27, 2017

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