So you can continue installing Disconnect, the application that Google does not want to use

Google Bans 644x373 Disconnect

Protecting our privacy is becoming more difficult on mobile devices. There are too many companies making money with our data, and the first interested in this to continue seems to be Google, which once again ha banned its application store for Android one informed us of what other apps were using our data without our knowledge.

The application itself is called Disconnect , and its free version Android met all the requirements of Google not interfering with other applications and limited to informing the user who was using their data personal. Fortunately and as much as you despite the big G, Android is free, although the application is not available in Google Play users have the ability to install from the official website.

Installing the app that Google does not want to install

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To install this application, and to do so with any other we unload us from a different source to Google Play we will have access to Android settings, click on the Security menu and enable installation of applications from unknown sources . I do not think I needed to tell you, but beware that you descargáis applications, and desire to do so from outside of Google Play only when it is safe to know.

Then we have to access page application, and do from the mobile , since this detects your operating system and only lets us down version that corresponds to us when will we access from Android, Windows, iOS or OS X. In the download page we teach different steps, the second of them accessing the download https: / / .

So we’ll just click on this link to start the download. Which us appear in our notification bar . Once finished we’ll just click on the tab that indicates that the apk file is downloaded, click Install in the panel that appears to us and ready, and can open and use the application.

What we can do with it?


Once installed, Disconnect we not only report on those taking our data, but allow us to use the search engine that we like encrypting our search will protect us from malware that may lurk in network and allow us to analyze any page for possible threats.

Keep in mind that this application has even been implementada default in the Tor browser, which gives us some assurance that is reliable. T lso has a paid version for 5 euros a month to help us avoid any censorship implementing a VPN. This is a good feature, but considering everything that offers free probably most do not need it.

And that’s how Google, through censorship, get the opposite of what It proposed putting the focus on the application that wants to end and making it known positioning it as a good alternative for those looking to get off the led by companies exchanging our data train.

In Genbeta | Google Disconnect charge against and continues to struggle against protecting my privacy

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So you can continue installing Disconnect, the application that Google does not want to use
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July 13, 2015

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