So you can convert your face into an emoji and use it in WhatsApp

Since the month of October, the fever of the ‘Memoji’ has invaded all the groups of WhatsApp. This Apple service allows you to create endearing emojis with your face from the iPhone.To create them, edit them or use them in applications as Instagram or WhatsApp, tap the icon of the emojis that you see at the bottom left of the bar space on the keyboard a native of iOS. Once there, you’ll have to go to the left -more to the left even of the ‘most used’- and there will come out some Memojis pre-built, because Apple not only gives you the option to create yours but that gives you some other such as a mouse, a giraffe, a shark, a robot, a unicorn or a dinosaur.To create your ‘I emoji’ click on the three points that are next to the pre-built. You will enter a screen with all the Memojis available -the animals that we mentioned – and, to the left, a ‘+’symbol. A screen opens in which you can create a new Memoji.You can choose the skin tone and its intensity -in every one of the shades available have a bar to change from more to less intense the color-; the hairstyle, the shape of the head, the ears, the eyes and the mouth; or add facial hair, glasses, garments for the head or even a patch of a pirate.Allows you to makeup, get piercings or a gold tooth, and choose the shape and color of your eyebrows and eyelashes. You can do it all!! You just have to explore a little between the options. Once you have an emoji to your liking save it by clicking OK, and since you’ll be able to use it from the keyboard.In Android there is a system of creating emojis with your face that integrates directly into the keyboard, but you have other options. The first and easiest is to ask a colleague’s iPhone that you do your Memoji and you send it via WhatsApp. There, with a tap on the image, you can save between our stickers by clicking on ‘add to favorites’.As an alternative, we can download some applications to create our own emojis custom -which, if you want to, also tend to have version for iOS-. Some of them are Bitmoji, Gboard, FaceQ or Zepetto.
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So you can convert your face into an emoji and use it in WhatsApp
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December 27, 2019

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