So you can see the launch of the capsule Crew Dragon to NASA and SpaceX this may 27

The NASA and SpaceX, the company Elon Musk specializing in transportation, aerospace,

sent on Wednesday to the space astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on a journey to the International Space Station -EEI), where they will remain after between 6 and 16 weeks. Both have 20 years of experience in NASA and have made two space flights.

Iran within the ship Crew Dragon, which will take off on a rocket Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Both vehicles have been built by SpaceX within the Program of Crew-Commercial-driven space agency, whose objective is to develop systems to transport people to the space.

The first crewed space mission private of the story, known as the Demo-2, is scheduled to launch to 22:33 gmt -16:33 local time – and can be seen live. Both SpaceX as the NASA issued a streaming from the own web pages, although you can go directly to his channel YouTube. And if you do not you have all these options or you can view the article here:

it seems that the weather conditions will be favourable, but if by this or other factors are not able to carry out the launch, other possible dates for the same would be or the Saturday, may 30 at 21:22 or Sunday, may 31, 21:00 -in both cases we are talking about the cet-.

The objective of this mission is to validate the transportation system: launch pad, rocket, capsule, and operational capacity. A somewhat extreme, among other things because the Crew Dragon will accelerate to about 27,000 kilometers per hour, up to reach the proper height to be in orbit.

as to the work of the astronauts, Behnken will oversee the union and disunity with the ISS -that if there are no setbacks, will be 24 hours after the launch of autonomously– and the activities when the capsule will remain docked, while Hurley will be responsible for the launch, landing and recovery.

in Addition to being the first time that a private company will take people to space, the launch will go back to it from united States –something not done since 2011– and in addition managed by a national company. All very much in the line patriotic american.

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So you can see the launch of the capsule Crew Dragon to NASA and SpaceX this may 27
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May 26, 2020

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