SolCalendar, one of the most complete and beautiful calendars for Android


There are many smartphone users who take advantage of all its features, probably nobody. The touch phones began his career as a business device organization, simply because it offered a very easy to display and use calendars or agendas. Android has a default calendar application synchronized with Google Calendar and pretty good in my opinion . But we must not neglect the calendars of others, because they are of excellent quality, as we see today.



A schedule should be, above all, clear. SolCalendar gives that impression with its sleek interface , and is the first to appreciate. When you start implementing a few tips we use fast, and then proceed directly to the standard screen. Automatically should see your Google calendar , if you have it paired with the phone. We observed a typical month view, with some colors but very clean.

SolCalendar has 3 views available, per month, per day, and schedule. To switch between them we do it through the menu button. The day view shows the events for slots distributed along the hours, while the calendar shows events as a list of tasks, sequentially. In either case, we have a bar at the top of the screen. Here we have the menu, the current date and settings. If you click on the current date, you will see a vision of the year , where we can quickly access any month. If we are allowed to use our location, pressing the menu key, we will also see the current time.

From the menu key can also access calendars section. Here see all the calendars available using the account we have synchronized. In addition we can also create calendars for the application themselves. The strong point is that SolCalendar to sync calendars from virtually anywhere. In addition to Google Calendar, accepts any calendar application that uses the CalDAV standard, such as Yahoo.

Perhaps echéis at fault week view, as it happened to me. True, SolCalendar has no proper view for the week. Instead, if the month view press one day, will display a day view directly below. This view is dynamic and can move up and down, and left and right to change the day, throughout the week. If the day or agenda view press an event will get to it to see the details, but if you hold down ‘ll open some useful small can cut, copy, delete or edit the event quickly.

widget-solcalendar By creating a calendar and we can assign a color to create an event we can add an icon from an array. options are typical events, including reminders, repetition, location, guests or descriptions.

In the application options found normal. The zone, preferences for notifications or reminders, sync accounts, import and export options calendars, and preferences of location and time. Finally, yet very important, is that includes a lot of widgets in each of the different views and customization from 4 subjects.

I think Application very complete. I have missed the week view, which is what I’ve always used. However, down in the month view is extremely good and could supply this week view. I liked quite widgets , much more than in other applications, and that is something important in calendars. The timing is good, as expected, and requires very little configuration while still being powerful. It is free and totally recommend it.

Application on Google Play

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SolCalendar, one of the most complete and beautiful calendars for Android
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