‘Some beasts’, a perverse drama that twists into the genre more terrifying

'Some animals', a perverse drama that twists to the genre-terrifying

Few debuts get a prominence of its own of directors veterans after years of formal experimentation, trial and error, or simply better support produccional as a result of many studies which have proven talented. The Festival of San Sebastián always been able to find potential looks that, with time, have managed to end up in the top of the international competitions.

Other times with failure, but surely leaving us award-winning operas premiums of great magnitude, such as the fantastic ‘Of Horses and Men‘, the director icelandic Benedikt Erlingsson, a winner in his debut in 2013 and onwards with a dazzling career.

In this edition, the chilean Jorque Riquelme, producer of their own work, I got this weekend the highest distinction of the competition of New Directors with ‘Some beasts,’. A second film that oozes talent, and since then the level of the best auteur films of the year, with a work that was shot with precision and a lot of intelligence.

the Starred form coral, among others, by the always splendid Paulina García and a chillingly chameleon Alfredo Castro, the film encloses us so suffocating in a deserted island in chile in which the daughter and her husband want to start a tourist business for visitors in search of peace and disconnection with the pretext of returning to the natural roots. A concept of exclusivity ecological under the label of bioturismo, very the order of the day, and these elitist laws do not quite understand.

What we initially expected a weekend paradise, walks under the trees to the shore of the sea and talks to the light of the fire, slowly twisting to go on transforming in a dramatic encounter that triggers the worst impulses of all the members of a family far more perverse than their refined appearance trying to convey. A family drama that quietly begins to rotate on itself, in a transformation monstrous may well have dyes of the genre more subtle and at the same time dark and morally terrifying.

A script and brilliant a picture of great precision stop sequences that are pure gold

An excellent job in its construction of suspense, in which the director has used with much success to the elements more unnoticed, as the sound design, to quietly raise a tension that ends up being thunderous. A intuition sinister that accompanies each one of the characters from the first few seconds of footage joins the suffocation of a location with no escape with the bitter perception that something very evil lurks behind a human that eventually degraded to the category of beasts.

A magnificent work, in good part supported in a dash great with some brilliant dialogues, very tied to its mise en scene, as planned as a result hipernaturalista leaves us with sequences that are pure gold. Gold interpretive, since then, in the skin of each and every one of the 7 characters that make up this twisted thriller, but also in their writing gritty and realistic, flowing shape so believable that it is terrifyingly overwhelming.

Some Beasts 1

a casting excellent and a location very well chosen ‘Some beasts,’ adds a fantastic director of photography, of a precision and lyricism extraordinary. Each frame has a meaning in the eyes of Riquelme, which is not so used to the underline, but that allows the action elapses before a fixed gaze, direct and sometimes painful. Although nothing tending to virtuosity, and however purely technical, the director manages to increase the impact of this heartbreaking story through a photograph and discreet-nothing obvious, at the time that spectacularly photogenic.

with a movement With a truly hypnotic, Riquelme distributed to their players inside the box, as part of a staging of skill almost choreographic. Conversations sharp and are accompanied by decisions escenografic that demonstrate a concept master of a director that just got to wait for wonders in their next jobs. In short, a happy discovery as attractive as creepy that it should be wish him a long journey.

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‘Some beasts’, a perverse drama that twists into the genre more terrifying
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